Telecom Asia May-June 2015


The next 25 years: An exclusive preview of telecoms in 2040




All this disruption is taking telecoms into uncharted territory – perhaps to the point we can’t even be 100% sure that telcos will even exist


Amdoc’s Abhay Kumar discusses the challenges and complexities service providers face behind the scenes as they work to deliver innovative new services


China Mobile's FTTx plans are large and likely to continue for the near future, which means growth for the GPON supply chain

Poulos Points

Being connected anywhere at anytime matters more to consumers than speed, and those feeling deprived of this “right” could become a social force to be reckoned with

Cover Story

The past 25 years shows us that the next 25 years will see the arrival of things we can’t yet imagine

Mobile telephony’s evolution from incomprehensible voodoo to indispensible personal language translator

How the telecoms industry transforms itself will make or break it for the next quarter-century

And it’s all thanks to the iPhone, which changed the telco game forever

We talk of establishing the “total digital lifestyle” by 2040 - but what if consumers reject it?

Have telecoms providers simply become internet on-ramps? If so, why bother trying to be anything else?

Few people in 1990 could have imagined what the telecoms sector would like in 2015. Telecoms in 2040 will be just as unrecognizable to us (almost)

Country Focus

Investment in FTTx in Indonesia makes sense as operators significantly increase coverage