Don Sambandaraksa

February 25, 2014

If one had to describe the theme of the first day of Mobile World Congress 2014, it would have to be a renewed focus on bridging the digital divide and perhaps, as a subtext, privacy in the wake of the NSA scandal.

Away from Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote on connecting the next billion users and providing them with free basic services, much of the focus was on Mozilla’s Firefox O, an HTML5 phone based on web-technologies. Mozilla announced that it has set its sights on the $25 smartphone segment through a new low-cost chipset by Spreadtrum, with 3G and 2G EDGE reference ...    


January 24, 2014

Over the past week, it has been interesting to monitor True’s fixed line internet in the wake of the transparent proxy caching incident that delivered doctored Google ad Javascript, an act that their official PR line denied ever happening.

I was contacted by a number of users who shared their own experience with the annoying BCDuplicator pop-ups. The oldest I could verify was dated in September 2013 who documented his experience on the popular expat webboard ThaiVisa.

In most cases, True’s standard response was to send someone in, reset the router, and then blame the user for having a virus on their ...    


January 16, 2014

Over the weekend, news broke in social media circles that True’s transparent proxy had been compromised and was serving up compromised Google Ad Javascript files that had hard-coded ads of a rather dubious nature.

That attack stopped almost immediately after the news was blogged, but not before a network engineer on True Internet was able to duplicate the results independently and shared with me many of his logs.

True has also since issued an official reply saying that the issue was due to malware on users’ computers and not their fault.

“Our systems show no signs of being compromised and everything is functioning ...    


January 06, 2014

Last year was but a taste of the abuse of power that the spy agencies of the Axis of Espionage has unleashed upon the people of the world. From PRISM and interception of Facebook, Google, Yahoo to TEMPORA tapping of worldwide fiber optic cables to the collection of telephone metadata.

Away from Snowden we had Germany’s Der Spiegel helping show how BlackBerry encryption had been cracked and how the NSA had intercepted German Chancellor Angela Merkel's smartphone.

By the time the new year was upon us, revelations of the NSA developing quantum computers to break encryption and reports of them spying on ...    


December 18, 2013

One recurring theme on the nightly anti-government street protests in Bangkok is the status of Thaicom and how ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra made his billions though the sale of his telecom and broadcasting empire to Singapore’s Temasek, tax free.

The speakers regularly blast Thaksin for selling what they consider sovereignty to foreigners, Thailand’s orbital slots, effectively leaving the Kingdom with no satellites of its own.

I had a chat with one of the regulators, NBTC commissioner Supinya Klangnarong, who made her fame in being the first person Thaksin sued for libel when she questioned if state policy was benefitting his commercial ...