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April 02, 2015

The strange and terrible saga of floundering Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television (ATV) came to a conclusion of sorts on Wednesday after the Executive Council (ExCo) decided not to renew its license, while formally approving a new broadcast license for a PCCW-owned firm.

Which may be as well, as ATV’s last-ditch effort to save its license may have violated not only the T&C of that license, but also possibly insider-trading laws.

Unable to meet a generous ExCo deadline to prove it could turn itself around financially, ATV raised eyebrows Tuesday by announcing on its... MORE

April 01, 2015

You know that the telecoms sector has undergone a serious paradigm shift when you get a press release announcing that “the world's longest [8-terabit] terrestrial optical network route” has been deployed in Europe – by Facebook.

Five years ago, posting that on April 1 might have lead some readers to assume this is a prank story. Today, it’s a legit press release (dated March 31, you’ll notice) from Infinera, which supplied equipment for the network, including its SDN-ready DTN-X platform.

According to Infinera, The new route is 3,998 km (with no regeneration) – stretching... MORE

March 20, 2015

ITEM: Telenor isn't just bringing 3G mobility to Myanmar – it’s also bringing spruced-up traffic huts.

According to the Myanmar Times, Telenor signed a deal with the government to renovate roadside traffic huts in Yangon and Mandalay, The booths have been repainted, adorned with a Telenor logo and fitted with an LED message screen displaying traffic rules.

The project is largely a goodwill exercise – Telenor says it has footed the bill for paint and repairs. However, at least one taxi driver isn’t impressed, and is annoyed with the idea of Telenor doing what should be... MORE

March 11, 2015

If we learned anything at this year’s Mobile World Congress, it’s this: 5G, the Internet of Things and net neutrality are more deeply interconnected topics than you might have previously thought.

There was a surprising amount of talk about 5G this year, despite the fact that no one outside of Korea is going to see anything close to commercial 5G deployments until at least 2018. As such, most of the chatter about 5G focused on the obvious characteristics (i.e. it will be a lot faster and a lot more complex than 4G).

But there was also quite a bit of focus on the kinds of... MORE

March 05, 2015

ITEM: Upstart companies Qwilt and Altiostar aim to slash latency for mobile video services by leveraging NFV C-RAN technology to integrate video caching into mobile base stations.

Earlier in the week, online video delivery vendor Qwilt announced a partnership with Altiostar, which specializes in pure-play NFV C-RAN mobile infrastructure. Under that partnership, Altiostar will integrate Qwilt’s NFV-based open video caching solution into its eNodeBs. Result: a fully integrated virtualized C-RAN that can cache video content.

"Video caching in the eNodeB greatly reduces the... MORE

March 04, 2015

Whatever 5G is ultimately going to be, it's going to be green tech and it’s going to power the Internet of things, but only if various industries open up and collaborate with each other in developing it. And by the way, there’s no hurry – 4G is still capable of awesomeness.

That more or less sums up the morning keynotes of Day 2 of Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona Tuesday, in which several top executives presented their vision of 5G and the roadmap necessary to achieve that vision.

Most 5G visions involve driverless connected cars and related IoT scenarios. Chang-gyu... MORE

February 16, 2015

The honeymoon appears to be over for Hong Kong TV upstart HKTV.

The TV channel masterminded by Ricky Wong made a major splash in the Hong Kong television last year by not only streaming its programs online (if only by necessity, being denied a free-to-air broadcast license and seeing its mobile TV plans thwarted), but by generating a lot of buzz with new content that looked fresh and innovative compared to the formulaic fare on offer from broadcasting giant TVB.

When HKTV went live in November 2014, Wong boasted some impressive numbers. However, according to local media... MORE

February 11, 2015

ITEM: The HbbTV Association has finally released the second version of its HbbTV (hybrid broadcast broadband TV) spec for connected TVs and STBs, which provides support for HTML5, and Ultra HD.

According to the industry association, HbbTV 2.0 – which has been in the works for around a year – has something for everyone.

For TV viewers, it means HTML5-enabled viewing experiences, standardized delivery of Ultra HD content with HEVC, seamless multiscreen viewing across TVs, smartphones, PCs and tablets, companion apps for things like detailed program info, voting, and play-to-... MORE