John C. Tanner

April 14, 2014

ITEM: If you were wondering if mobile apps are immune to the Heartbleed bug – they’re not.   A blog post from Veo Zhang, mobile threats analyst at Trend Micro, says that it has found that around 7,000 of the 390,000 apps scanned from Google Play are connected to servers vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit, including 15 bank-related apps, 39 online payment-related apps, and 10 online-shopping related apps.   (Note: that number has been revised upwards a few times on Zhang’s blog to the current 7,000, so it’s possible that number could go up.)   Zhang says Trend Micro also found “several popular apps” that many ...    


April 04, 2014

ITEM: South Korea’s three cellcos have escalated their LTE rivalry with unlimited LTE packages.   According to Korea JoongAng Daily, LG U+ is now offering two plans that include unlimited LTE data, as well as unlimited voice and text messaging. The same day, SK Telecom and KT launched similar unlimited LTE plans.   SK Telecom also launched a “commuter” plan that offers unlimited data specifically during morning and evening commuter times.   All three cellcos are also throwing in various amounts of multimedia content and services, such as HD video, music, navigation and cloud storage.   There is one catch: the “unlimited” part refers to ...    


April 02, 2014

ITEM: Global Cloud Xchange – a.k.a. the carrier formerly known as Reliance Globalcom – is building a new Trans-Pacific cable from Tokyo to California that will offer terabit connectivity to customers.   According to the official announcement earlier this week, the Pacific Cloud Xchange (PCX) cable – scheduled to go into service next year – will be an 8,300km “four fiber pair system with initial design capacity per fiber pair at 100 x 100 Gbps using next generation coherent submarine fiber”, but Global Cloud Xchange CEO Bill Barney says it could be even bigger.   “We were initially looking at four fibers, but we ...    


March 31, 2014

Remember those rumors that Facebook is planning to use drones to deliver Internet connectivity to the unconnected?   Turns out it’s true.   Last Friday, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook Connectivity Lab, a project under the auspices of with the goal of developing solutions leveraging satellites, free-space optics (FSO) and – yes – drones to deliver internet connectivity to “two thirds of the world’s population that doesn’t have it.”   Of the three technologies cited, drones are the most novel element, not least because most people think of drones as government tools for surveillance and assassinations.   But drones can also be used as airborne datacomms ...    


March 27, 2014

I spent some time at the WDM & Next-Generation Optical Networking APAC event in Singapore this week. Here’s some of the buzz I picked up from the show floor.

Re: What’s the biggest topic/issue/concern about WDM and optical you’re hearing at the show?

“There’s a lot of discussion about core networks moving to 400G, terabit, things like that in the future. But from our point of view there’s still a lot of work to be done in the metro network – how do you fill those pipes in a very economic way and an easy and scalable way?” – Jon Baldry, technical ...    



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