October 27, 2016
Julie Kunstler/Ovum

Operators should become digital media providers despite the challenges

October 26, 2016
Clement Teo/Ovum

While it's early days yet, the idea of creating differentiation with VESS is interesting

October 24, 2016
Rupert Wood/Analysys Mason

Fiber access and 5G are critically interdependent, with SDN and NFV the common denominator between them

October 20, 2016
Alexander Harrowell/Ovum

The operator's recent analyst day shows that it is pulling in two directions

October 19, 2016
John C. Tanner

Thanks to growing interest in DevOps culture, the new selling point of SDN is not its ability to help telcos save money but to help them make money

October 19, 2016
Catherine Haslam/Ovum

Concerned about reliability and interoperability, international wholesale carriers are only deploying SDN for a handful of use cases

October 18, 2016
Thomas Flanagan/Faultline/Rethink Technology Research

Rivals overshadow Netflix which fails to localize for Asian audiences

October 14, 2016
Rupert Wood/ Analysys Mason
5G Insights

The investment case for 5G mobile is more distant without fixed wireless

October 13, 2016
Eden Zoller/Ovum

But beware the hype, and don't underestimate the challenges involved

October 10, 2016
Staff writer
5G Insights

Huawei’s Mao Dun explains how 4.5G will not only pave the way for 5G, but also create new revenues streams in its own right, from WTTx and verticals to public safety and the IoT

October 07, 2016
Paul Jackson/Ovum

The product represents good, if tentative, step forward for mobile VR headsets

October 06, 2016
Phil Marshall/Tolaga Research

5G aspirations for millimeter-wave technologies are feasible, but there are a variety of challenges that the industry must address  

October 04, 2016
Neha Dharia/Ovum

To shake up the world of OTT communications

September 30, 2016
Inderpreet Kaur/Ovum

The operator's entry marks a shift to data-only mobile tariff plans

September 27, 2016
Julian Bright/Ovum

5G is finally taking shape in terms of initial network requirements and solutions, but spectrum harmonization remains an unresolved issue