August 26, 2016
Mike Roberts/Ovum

According to Ovum's first integrated forecasts for the mobile, fixed and pay TV markets

August 25, 2016
Tom Pringle/Ovum

It isn’t going to happen overnight, but provides practical steps forward for the enterprise

August 25, 2016 Telco Analytics Asia

Perhaps that’s why some telco managers won’t invest in analytics-based revenue-assurance solutions

August 25, 2016
Matt Walker/Ovum

But the cost crunch continues, pushing telcos to turn to software for increased efficiencies

August 24, 2016
Matt Walker/Ovum

The small but dynamic market segment has maintained solid growth amid falling telco revenues

August 19, 2016
Daryl Schoolar/Ovum

Details the company's efforts to concentrate on network cloud, IoT and 5G

August 16, 2016
Jamie Moss/Ovum

The standard is set to account for 212 million connections in 2021

August 11, 2016 B/OSS Asia

The days of insanely complex telecoms billing may be over thanks to the success of subscriber billing– at least for now

August 11, 2016
Ken Landoline/Ovum

Local economics, market maturity, and unmet consumer demand will drive or restrain agent growth

August 09, 2016
Matt Walker/Ovum

Despite moderating revenue growth rates for the OTT/cloud players in the segment

August 08, 2016
Nick Thomas/Ovum

But it needs to spend serious money to become a proper media company

August 05, 2016
Mariana Zamoszczyk/Ovum

Vendors and operators are rethinking how to sell smart home and IoT technologies

August 04, 2016
Claire Sibthorpe/GSM Association

More must be done to ensure financial and digital inclusion for women because when they thrive, so does society as a whole

August 02, 2016
John Madden/Ovum

The $9.3 billion acquisition shows that Oracle is finally all in on the cloud

August 01, 2016
Thomas Flanagan
Faultline (Rethink Technology Research)

The purchase of TV manufacturer Vizio seems like a deal that is destined to fail