July 02, 2015
Julie Kunstler / Ovum

China Mobile's FTTx plans are large and likely to continue for the near future, which means growth for the GPON supply chain

June 30, 2015
Stephen Wilson / Analysys Mason

Investment in FTTx in Indonesia makes sense as operators significantly increase coverage

June 25, 2015 DisruptiveViews

We now have evidence that analytics can boost revenues, but it still contains an element of risk

June 22, 2015
Matthew Howett/Ovum

UK regulator Ofcom proposes requiring open fiber access from 2017

June 12, 2015
Phil Marshall / Tolaga
Security Insights

Encryption and authentication techniques needed for small-cell integrity and privacy

June 12, 2015
Paris Burstyn/Ovum

With the launch of a fast-to-deploy 100Gbps wholesale service

June 11, 2015
Adaora Okeleke/Ovum

Upgraded Adaptive Inventory tool can help operators enable agile service delivery

June 11, 2015
Tony Poulos and Alex Leslie/

Why the future of the billing could be embracing the new without throwing out the old

June 10, 2015
Shanthi Ravindran / Analysys Mason
BSS Insights

Monetizing infrastructure is a top priority for CSPs, but the key differentiator will be the customer experience

June 10, 2015
Tony Poulos and Alex Leslie/DisruptiveViews
BSS Insights

Billing isn’t dead. But it’s in dire need of a makeover

June 10, 2015
Chantel Cary / Ovum
BSS Insights

As OTT players apply the pressure, telcos will (or should) turn to analytics, cloud and CRM to beef up their backend

June 10, 2015
Simon Dyson/Ovum

Apple's attempt to reclaim the digital music crown was unveiled at WWDC

June 09, 2015
Mike Sapien / Ovum
Security Insights

Moving from network-centric security to the broader IT security suite

June 05, 2015
Allan Tan
CommunicAsia Show Daily

Telcos constantly seek to expand their income base as traditional rev

June 04, 2015 CommunicAsia Show Daily

The nation's mobile sector has come a long way in a short time