October 21, 2016
Staff writer/SDN Insights

Nokia Networks’ Sasa Nijemcevic explains how integrated assurance can help new SDN services run at peak efficiency and meet SLAsSDN

October 19, 2016
John C. Tanner

Thanks to growing interest in DevOps culture, the new selling point of SDN is not its ability to help telcos save money but to help them make money

October 11, 2016
John Tanner
5G Insights

5G has made a lot of progress in 2016, but spectrum challenges and cost concerns could delay commercial services in most markets until long after 2020

September 07, 2016
Daniel Kwan/Sonus

From UCaaS to SBCaaS, NFV technology can be applied to almost any kind of network application

August 03, 2016
Karl Horne

Service providers must avoid getting trapped in virtualized software solutions that don’t interwork and result in vendor lock-in – the very problems that NFV was meant to solve

July 27, 2016
Staff writer

Infinera’s Telecom Insight event proclaims packet-optical as the common denominator between mobile fronthaul, Carrier Ethernet, hybrid cloud and SDN

July 20, 2016

As good as today’s VPN services are, they can’t keep up with enterprise customers moving to the cloud. Software-defined-WAN could help telcos take IP-VPN to the next level

July 20, 2016 Telecom Asia

Our annual mobile broadband survey with Ovum reveals that Asia’s LTE players are focused on maximizing existing spectrum capacity and see growth potential in enterprises, the IoT and mobile payments  

July 07, 2016
Danial Mausoof

The answer depends in part on the ability of networks to manage the bandwidth and latency needs related to IoT

July 07, 2016
Staff writer
Telecom Asia

Huawei Technologies’ Dr. Abdul Memon discusses how telcos must understand the various requirements of verticals to provide the right IoT solutions

June 21, 2016 OTT Insights

For all its reputation as a disruptor of pay-TV, OTT is actually the industry’s future - or at least a key and lucrative part of it

May 17, 2016
Lachlan Colquhoun
B/OSS Insights

The Internet of Things is going mainstream, but telco backends may need a major overhaul to cash in

May 13, 2016
Staff writer
B/OSS Insights

HPE’s Domenico Convertino discusses the impact of digital services on telco OSSs, HPE’s recipe for a digital-services-ready OSS and the revenue opportunities for the CSPs who get it right

May 10, 2016
Doug Lowther/ Irdeto

Making money with 4K/UHD, defeating the Darknet, and balancing user experience with security

May 04, 2016 Big Data Insights

As the value of big data increases, more bad actors will try to steal it for various purposes. Everyone - including telcos - must take big data privacy and security seriously, because their customers certainly will