White Papers

March 24, 2015

This paper identifies the essential LSO and management capabilities necessary to achieve the key aims of the Third Network to deliver network as a service

March 17, 2015
Globe Telecom and Facebook

A case study on the remarkable increase in internet adoption in the Philippines since 2007 and the role of mobile carriers, specifically Globe Telecom

March 10, 2015
NGMN Alliance

This paper provides a guideline for 5G definition and design, as well as insight into areas of further exploration by NGMN and other industry stakeholders

March 03, 2015
4G Americas

This updated summary explains Rel-12 standards and its major features and enhancements of HSPA+, LTE and machine type communications

February 24, 2015
Nokia Networks

By “personalizing the network experience” mobile operators can solve their major optimization problem

February 17, 2015

Discover trends affecting global mobile operators as they strive to deliver resilient wireless coverage and capacity

February 03, 2015

Network selection intelligence – for when best effort isn’t good enough

January 27, 2015

This paper helps service providers understand the value and extend the use of the latest CE 2.0 management concepts

January 20, 2015

This paper examines Carrier Ethernet and how Carrier Ethernet applies in a world where SDN is emerging

January 13, 2015

This paper examines how Carrier Ethernet fits together with software-defined networking

January 06, 2015
4G Americas

This paper examines the 5G market drivers, use cases, requirements, regulatory considerations and technology elements

December 23, 2014
4G Americas

This paper discusses the various aspects of VoLTE/RCS coexistence and evolution

December 22, 2014
4G Americas

This paper details key considerations for planning NFV deployment, advantages of the virtualized architecture and potential challenges of LTE network architectural changes

December 11, 2014
4G Americas

This paper provides in-depth information explaining how and why carrier aggregation will help solve the challenge of efficiently utilizing disparate spectrum swaths

December 10, 2014

Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management provides a platform that enables people, resources, assets and external suppliers to work as one