A massive number of Net-business movers and shakers descended on Hong Kong last week for the All Things Digital conference. Held for the first time outside the USA, AsiaD was founded by journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in 2003--its inaugural appearance in Asia shows the current business dominance of the region.

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Yesterday Akamai offered up its State of the Internet ‘state-of-the

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Small cells promise to boost capacity and throughput in areas of high usage more cheaply than macro cell deployments, while allowing more efficient use of spectrum than macros, and providing improved coverage at the cell edge and indoors.

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Vodafone is to shut down its 360 cloud-based service by the end of the year, in another blow to carriers' hopes of creating web offerings under their own brands to fight back against Google and A

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OvumFrom 2000–5, Japanese service provider capex was regularly about 10% of the global total, and NEC had a commanding share of most market segments domestically.

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Nokia’s Symbian-based phones have failed to generate a significant amount of positive interest in mature markets, with stronger competitors Android and Apple’s iOS constantly hogging the headlines.
With pressure mounting and market share slipping, the Finnish company’s late

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OvumWith BBX, RIM is rebuilding the foundation for all its devices, including the iconic handhelds, and BBX begins to show some real promise in that sphere, with potential for a

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Almost three quarters or 74% of consumers with a broadband connection claim to surf the internet at the same time as watching TV, a new report said.
The report from Ovum has found that the rise of the “second screen” is now widespread, with 37% of the consumers it spoke to stating that they indulge on a regular basis.
The t

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South Korea is deservedly known for its innovation in the telecom sphere, as it usually tops the world in global surveys of broadband usage and mobile internet usage, but

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Marc Einstein and Wung-Jae Lee, Frost & Sullivan
Both Juniper Networks and Infinera reported their third quarter 2011 earnings after the market closed today.

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