Ericsson, SingTel test FDD/TDD CA

Ericsson, SingTel test FDD/TDD CA

Dylan Bushell-Embling

Ericsson, SingTel and Qualcomm have completed a live demonstration of FDD/TDD LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation on commercial-track hardware and software.

During a demo at SingTel's offices, the partners aggregated 20 MHz of FDD and 20 MHz of TDD spectrum, achieving peak data rates of up to 260 MHz.

Qualcomm provided its Snapdragon 810 processors for the trial, while Ericsson provided LTE software and multi-mode base stations.

Aggregating TDD and FDD spectrum allows the former to be used for higher downlink capacity while the latter is used to provide solid  uplink coverage, and promises to increase the TD-LTE coverage area by up to 70%, the companies said.

“We demonstrated that the combination of low to mid band FDD with high band TDD can provide significant network performance gains,” Ericsson head of LTE Per Narvinger commented.

“This complements the FDD/TDD interoperability work which we have already commercialized in countries where TDD spectrum is granted."

Ericsson expects commercial devices supporting FDD/TDD carrier aggregation to reach the market next year.

Last month, Nokia and China Mobile announced that they have completed a trial of FDD/LTE carrier aggregation over a user device chipset provided by Marvell. This test also achieved a peak downlink speed of 260 MHz.

In February, Nokia also teamed up with KT and SK Telecom to complete what it called the world's first demonstrations of FDD/TDD carrier aggregation.