FASTTAKES: China Mobile, Cisco, Alca-Lu, Packet One, AsiaInfo, BanglaLion

FASTTAKES: China Mobile, Cisco, Alca-Lu, Packet One, AsiaInfo, BanglaLion

Staff writer  |   April 07, 2010
Far EasTone and China Mobile have signed a memorandum of understanding to trial TD-LTE networks in Taiwan. 
Cisco says more than 400 organizations have deployed its unified computing system for their data centers since it was launched eight months ago. Customers include the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Curtin University in Australia.
Alcatel-Lucent has named John Dickson as head of operations, replacing Michel Rahier. The position is effective May 10. 
Malaysian Wimax operator Packet One Networks has signed a distribution deal with national postal firm Pos Malaysia which has almost 600 outlets across the country.
Systems integrator and telecom software firm AsiaInfo will acquire an 80% stake in Hangzhou-based cable TV solutions firm Zhongbo Software, Portio Research forecasts that mobile messaging revenues will increase from $150 billion in 2009 to $233 billion by 2014. 
Bangladesh Wimax operator BanglaLion is aiming to sign 250,000 customers by end-2010, with 750,000 users targeted by end-2011, chairman Abdul Mannan told the Financial Express.
Staff writer

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