FASTTAKES:, China Telecom, MIC, MegaFon, EC, Motorola

FASTTAKES:, China Telecom, MIC, MegaFon, EC, Motorola

Staff writer  |   December 09, 2010
Chinese video site made the biggest IPO gain of any US stock in five years, surging 160% to $33.44 in its Nasdaq debut.
China Telecom, Huawei and optical component vendor Corning have completed a trial of 100G ultra long haul WDM transmission in China, claiming a new record distance of 3,000km using terrestrial fiber.
Vietnam's MIC is drafting a MNP policy which could be enacted in 2011.
Russia's MegaFon has contracted Alcatel-Lucent to build a 2G/3G converged network in Siberia.
Sales of Ethernet switches are on track to hit a record $18.5b in 2010, after hitting a quarterly high of $4.7b in the third quarter, according to Infonetics. North America and EMEA recorded the highest sales growth during the period.
The European Commission (EC) has launched a consultation over further changes to roaming rules, to help reach the goal of near-zero difference between national tariffs and inter-EU roaming rates by 2015.
Sales of wireless-enabled e-readers are likely to hit 6.6m units in 2010, up 79.8% from 2009, Gartner says.
Motorola's Solutions business has settled its patent violation suit against device firm Janam Technologies, which has agreed to take a license for Motorola's mobile computing and barcode scanning IPs.
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