FTTH Council APAC: Notes from New Zealand

FTTH Council APAC: Notes from New Zealand

Julie Kunstler/Ovum  |   May 21, 2013
The pipe builders
The workshops held on May 19 focused on FTTx network deployments – the pipe building. These workshops were very well attended by New Zealand’s local fiber companies and delegates from many other countries where FTTH networks are under way.
While the presentation titles were not simple or sexy – JDSU’s workshop was called “Testing skillset for FTTx deployment: Knowledge required to optimize field testing efficiency to lower opex without cutting corners” – they reflected real issues facing FTTx network deployments, such as skilled technicians, the use of OTDR in the field, and the handling of fiber-optic cabling.
The workshops and many of the first day’s sessions were not for those seeking high-level fluff around FTTH. The focus was on the practicalities of deployments and services.
Retailers must focus on services
In the wholesale-retail model, retailers have to differentiate around services since the access network becomes a level playing field. This reality requires service providers to retool, transforming from a network operator into a service organization.
Successful service providers must be able to provide consistent quality of experience for customers while enabling real-time service differentiation. A simple example is supporting a subscriber’s desire to upgrade bandwidth and do away with advertisements while watching a football match, but only for that particular match.
The role of SDN in FTTH
So how does software-defined networking (SDN) fit into FTTH? SDN supports elastic service creation in distributed cloud-based data center networks. As presented by Cisco, SDN can help harness the network’s value, enable business agility, and support operational simplicity, thereby freeing the provider to focus on services.
Julie Kunstler is a principal analyst for components at Ovum. For more information, visit www.ovum.com/


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