Heads roll over Telecom NZ network crashes

Heads roll over Telecom NZ network crashes

Nicole McCormick  |   February 23, 2010
Telecom New Zealand's chief technical officer, Frank Mount, has resigned in the wake of the XT Mobile network’s fourth outage since Christmas.

Alcatel-Lucent – the supplier of the faulty 3G network - said it is also replacing its NZ manager Steve Lowe. 
TNZ’s CIO David Havercroft will assume responsibility for all network and IT operations for the firm from today.
CFO Russ Houlden will carry interim responsibility for Shared Services operations and Technology Strategy.
Alcatel Lucent has named Jyoti Mahurkar-Thombre, former general manager of Alcatel Lucent’s Next Generation Networks’ product unit, as its new NZ manager. 
She will take over from Lowe immediately.
The scalps follow yet another 3G network crash. The XT Mobile network was crippled for up to 12 hours on Monday – its fourth outage in two months.

Telecom NZ admitted last week that the troubled XT network had experienced “service issues” in several areas.
The firm said a serious hardware failure was the cause of last month’s prolonged network outage. 
Analysys Mason Group (AMG) has been called in to conduct an eight-week review.
Nicole McCormick

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