iPhone 4 launches at midnight in HK

Hutchison's top telecom honcho, Canning Fok, kicks off the launch party

Star attraction: Bikini model Chrissie Chau

Hutchison Telecom CEO Peter Wong, COO Amy Lung and friends

Tattoo time

CSL's first iPhone 4 is unveiled to the media by the Mission: Impossible team

Hands on: Douglas Yeung, Janis Chan, Alex Fong, Telstra International group MD Tarek Robbiati, CSL chief Joseph O'Konek, Ana R., William Tang and Sharon Cheung
CSL's new CEO Joseph O'Konek sets the stage for the launch at midnight

Ribbon cutting

Before the deluge (SmarTone-Vodafone)

Lucky one: Miss Chow is the first SmarTone-Vodafone customer to get the iPhone 4

The big wait (SmarTone-Vodafone)

Waiting for midnight: CSL customers in line