Lumina Networks moves into SDN market

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Lumina Networks has entered the software-defined networking (SDN) market through acquisition of the SDN Controller product family from Brocade Communications Systems. 

In a statement, Lumina said the acquisition of assets associated with the SDN Controller product family from Brocade, along with an SDN Controller solution that’s powered by OpenDaylight, brings to the newly established firm a team of network software engineers and existing customer engagements with service providers.

Using OpenDaylight as its preferred open source controller, Lumina said service providers will be able to directly control their SDN implementations while providing the flexibility to develop their own solutions through their choice of vendors, thus eliminating lock-in.

The company added it will contribute enhancements made to its SDN Controller back to the open source community to ensure 100% compatibility with OpenDaylight’s code base.

“Our job is to be the catalyst to help service providers bring open software networking out of the lab and into their live network,” said Andrew Coward, chief executive officer, Lumina Networks.

“We started Lumina Networks to ensure providers can use open source in critical use cases. But just delivering technology is not enough. Our customers are doing the implementation with us, so they can learn and acquire the skills, tools and practices needed to develop and manage the platforms we jointly deploy.”

With the acquisitions, Lumina can now offer the Lumina SDN Controller, an edition of OpenDaylight that is designed to provide a common open platform to control the network and manage its nodes. 

Other product is Lumina Flow Manager, which is said to allow for more sophisticated traffic engineering of the network by using advanced algorithms such as path-computation, which aims to create more efficient traffic flows.

The final part of the portfolio is the Lumina Zero Touch Installer, a controller-based application that provides initialization of devices, such as virtual CPE, with the correct software image and configuration automatically.


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