Operators address churn with social media

Operators address churn with social media

Staff writer  |   December 09, 2010
Billing and OSS Asia
Some 40% of small, medium-sized and rising telcos (SMARTs) are already using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, a new study by Cerillion Technologies found.
Results also showed that a further 30% of these SMARTs are actively seeking to roll out support for social media.
The study found further that nine out of 10 SMARTs admit they could improve on customer experience, which they see as essential for their business.
Regarding goals in this area, 88% of SMARTs said their main motivation for customer experience improvements is to reduce churn and improve loyalty; 76% are hoping to reduce the number of customer complaints and queries; 73% aim to improve the speed of resolving customer problems.
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