Research Partners - Renesys

Research Partners - Renesys

Renesys - Making the Internet Transparent
As companies take advantage of the global reach of the Internet and economies of cloud computing, they face a new challenge: Internet Blindness. Cloud type solutions can't be seen and are hard to anticipate and control. Without the right data or analytics, it is difficult to mitigate the risk of operating critical business operations on the public Internet infrastructure.

Operating a real-time global sensor grid that continuously monitors, collects, analyzes and correlates Internet routing data with other intelligence, Renesys makes doing business over the Internet more reliable and secure by providing a comprehensive view of connections around the world and inside the cloud. Internet dependent organizations rely on Renesys for Internet Intelligence.

The Renesys team amasses broad and very deep experience in telecommunications, networking, security, network management and the Internet and is recognized as a go to source of quality information and insight into critical Internet events.


Market Intelligence - The Only Objective Sales Tool for Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Peering Professionals
Market Intelligence offers the most comprehensive and detailed Internet connectivity data - analyzed, interpreted and displayed in plain language. Users can easily identify competitors, prospects and new market opportunities and bring intelligence about a potential customer's business to the selling process. It characterizes every geography, every network of the Internet - delivered as timely and actionable information.


Routing Alarms - Protect Critical Operations and Systems From Costly Attacks, Disruptions and Damage
Network operators rely on Renesys Routing Alarms to assure smooth, uninterrupted operation of their Internet-based communications. The Renesys real time sensor grid via Routing Alarms provides operators with timely alerts to relevant events and interprets network instabilities and suspected malicious activity such as hijackings before they can dramatically affect availability, performance, or productivity.


Strategic Consulting - Analysis, Information and Insight to make Informed Business and Security Decisions
Renesys analysts and engineers bring unique perspectives that draw on our extensive data sets to deliver actionable intelligence, insights and advice.

  • Competitive market analysis and strategic growth plans
  • Peering policy analysis to reduce IP transit buy
  • Qualified transit target customer lists
  • Cybersecurity evaluation and planning
  • Vulnerability and threat assessments