Sony, Intel, Google prep web TV


Sony, Intel, Google prep web TV

Dylan Bushell-Embling  |   March 19, 2010
Google, Intel and Sony have reportedly each thrown their weight behind an initiative to develop internet TV technology.
The trio has joined forces for an initiative dubbed Google TV, which will work on internet-enabled televisions and set top boxes, with the goal of making it easier for TV users to navigate web applications, sources told the New York Times.
None of the firms have gone on-the-record regarding the project, but the reports state that Google plans to open its Android-based TV platform to external developers, and release an applications development SDK for the platform within the coming months.
The companies plan to use Logitech to develop peripheral devices, including a remote control with a very small keyboard, the sources said.
They added that Google has already built a prototype set-top box - but is also considering embedding the technology directly into TVs - and plans to use a version of Chrome for the software.
For Intel the project is seen as a way to get Atom chips into TVs, opening up the company to a potentially lucrative new market.
Sony hopes to get a head start on the competition by being first to market with products incorporating Google TV, and may introduce a new brand for the range.
Dylan Bushell-Embling


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