Telkom pushes into healthcare with AdMedika deal

Telkom pushes into healthcare with AdMedika deal

Nicole McCormick  |   January 27, 2010
Indonesia’s biggest operator, Telkom, has inked a deal to acquire a controlling stake in the country’s largest health care administration provider AdMedika.
Telkom subsidiary Multimedia Nusantara (Metra) has signed a Conditional Sales and Purchase Agreement to acquire a 75% stake in AdMedika.
“With 75% ownership of shares, Telkom reserves the right to fully control AdMedika,” said Telkom. The price was not disclosed.
The deal will be the precursor to establishing national e-health service InsureNet, which is backed by five state-owned insurance companies, said Telkom’s vice-president investor relations, Agus Murdiyatno.
“This acquisition is a strategic acquisition for Telkom,” Murdiyatno added, because of the prospects for InsureNet.
Metra CEO Alex J. Sinaga said that AdMedika owns 12% market share of the e-Health business process outsourcing market in Indonesia, with 1.2 million members.
“[The acquisition is] expected to provide optimal synergy value for the group….by optimizing synergies with Sigma in integration services, Infomedi…through Contact Center Outsourcing, Finnet as an e-payment gateway and Mojopia in providing a one-stop online healthcare service portal,” said Sinaga. 
Nicole McCormick

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