Africa is catching up to Asia Pacific in terms of booming technology usage and is set to develop as a region, logistics firm DHL claims.
The delivery company predicts that smartphones and tablets will account for 60% of hardware growth in Africa in 2013, and states the region is becoming as important as Asia in terms of technology growth.


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An overwhelming 96% of Hong Kong smartphone users access the internet through their devices at least once per day, the highest proportion in APAC, according to new research.
Google and Ipsos MediaCT have published a report detailing smartphone and internet usage habits in Hong Kong, as part of the

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Apple is due to launch its new mobile operating system, iOS 7, later in 2013.

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Operators must nurture fledgling smartphone users in emerging markets to ensure mobile internet services are a success, Ovum analysts believe.
Emerging markets are tipped to be primed for a data boom, but a lack of fixed infrastructure makes mobile networks the most l

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Google's Motorola Mobility has introduced a new physical device aimed at allowing smartphone users to skip entering their PINs while still keeping their handsets secured.
The company has announced Motorola Skip for Moto X, a thumb-sized clip that can be paired with a smartphone to allow it to unlock with a tap.
The Skip is designed to

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A Microsoft lawyer says Google is blocking its attempts to launch a YouTube app on Windows Phone software, after the search giant pulled the application for a second time.
David Howard, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel at Microsoft’s Litigation & Antitrust division, says the firm has worked hard to meet Google’s specifications fo

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The second quarter was a historic period for the smartphone market, if figures from Gartner are accurate.

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LG Electronics yesterday found itself redefining the meaning of ‘mobile health’ after 20 people were injured during the launch of its G2 smartphone in its home market.
The vendor is offering to cover the medical costs of seven attendees who were hospitalized in a crowd surge at the launch, which promised a free smartphone for people who recovered a vou

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Vendors shipped a total of 236.4 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2013, up 51.3% year-on-year and 9.3% quarter-on-quarter, according to IDC.
Despite beating Wall Street expectations in terms of shipment volumes, Apple's share in the global market posted a year-on-year decline, IDC said.

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