Webwire: Apple breached Motorola patent: ITC; Google back selling phones

Staff writer
The US ITC has made an initial determination that Apple's iOS devices infringe on one of Motorola Mobility's 3G patents, a day after siding with Motorola in its claim against Microsoft's Xbox platform.
Google will try again to sell Android handsets directly to US consumers, putting an unlocked version of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone on sale for $399 via its Google Play online store.
India's finance minister has told parliament his department expects to raise 400 billion rupees ($7.6 billion) from the retrospective amendments proposed for India's tax law, suggesting the government will use the planned change to pursue back taxes from more companies other than Vodafone
The Communications Commission of Kenya has announced plans to switch off all counterfeit mobile phones starting from this month, in a bid to prevent con artists from using untraceable handsets to scam other Kenyans out of money.
Chinese search engine Baidu has reported a 75% increase in Q1 profit to 1.88 billion yuan ($298.1 million), but forecast an increase in Q2 revenue that missed analysts' expectations.
Dutch operator KPN revealed its Q1 profit fell 51.3% to €288 million ($379 million), due to investment and restructuring costs as well as a 1.4% decline in domestic mobile revenue.
Online video service Netflix racked up $100 million in losses from its operations outside of the US, but the company added around 1.2 million subscribers in the UK and Ireland.
One in five Macs are infected with some kind of malware, and while most are Windows-specific threats harmless to Macs they may be able to use the platform to spread to other PCs, according to security firm Sophos.