Webwire: Apple faces in-app class action; i3 Africa plans BRICS cable

Staff writer
A group of angry parents have gained court permission to proceed with a class-action lawsuit against Apple, over the handset maker's objections. The suit accuses Apple of making it too easy for children to make in-app purchases in online games without their parents' knowledge.
New company i3 Africa plans to develop a subsea cable linking Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
Apple and Samsung have agreed that their CEOs will take part in settlement talks, in an attempt to settle Apple's US patent lawsuit against Samsung's Galaxy line of handsets and tablets.
Wi-Fi chip maker Quantenna has received a $79 million investment from VC firms, to help it fund development of next-generation chips promising speeds of as high as 2 Gbps.
Verizon Wireless will have an LTE network covering over two thirds of the US population, after it completes the latest stage in its network rollout tomorrow.
Microsot has revealed it will sell its upcoming Windows 8 OS in just three versions – desktop versions Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro and mobile device variant Windows RT.
The inventor behind the mobile phone, Martin Cooper, and other technology experts believe US operators have been overstating their need for more spectrum to serve data demand, and that new technologies such as improved antenna technology could address the issue.
India's Bharti Airtel has rebranded its B2B business as Airtel Business, bring the name in line with the company's new consumer brand.