Webwire: Apple shares top $600; PayPal enters m-payment sector

Staff writer
Apple shares briefly topped $600 during Thursday's NASDAQ trading, one month after breaking the $500 mark. At $600, Apple's market capitalization is $550 billion.
PayPal has entered a mobile payment market, launching a new dongle allowing merchants to take payments from iPhones. Android support will also be added soon.
Chinese internet company Tencent Holdings has revealed it may slow down investment spending in the future, after the company reported its weakest full-year profit growth since 2005 due to high costs from recent acquisitions.
Canadian operator Wind has slammed plans by the government to set spectrum caps on 700-MHz and 2,500-MHz auctions, claiming it will leave players without the airwaves needed to compete.
US operator T-Mobile has petitioned the FCC to require that all 700-MHz LTE devices are interoperable with other networks.
Swedish authorities have ramped up their investigation into file sharing website The Pirate Bay, requesting information from the site's hosting provider.
US President Barack Obama is using an online documentary on a YouTube platform to raise funds and support for his re-election campaign.