Webwire: Batelco may sell 30% in S Tel; Yahoo lifted by Bartz ousting

Staff writer
Bahrain's Batelco is seeking to sell up to 30% of Indian mobile joint venture S Tel, in which it currently holds a 42.7% stake, sources claim.
Shares in Yahoo climbed as high as 8.4% on Wednesday, before closing 5.42% higher, on the news that CEO Carol Bartz had been let go.
ICM Registry has started taking applications for businesses to either acquire a .xxx domain name, or pay to block others from registering domains with their trademarks.
AT&T will this month start selling a Huawei smartphone in the US for only $30 on a two-year contract, in an apparent bid to foster smartphone adoption.
Germany, Poland and Switzerland top European lists of cybercrime, an annual survey by security firm Symantec shows. Globally, Chinese citizens are most at risk, with the most common form of attack being computer viruses or malware.
All three of Japan's major operators added fewer subscribers in August than they had in July, with recording the largest gain of 239,000 additions.
Mosaid has called on shareholders to reject a $480 million hostile takeover bid from fellow patent licensing firm Wi-Lan.
Thailand's True Move will make an offer to buy back $690 million of its own debt, at 109 cents to the dollar, in a bid to reduce interest costs by up to 1.2 billion baht ($40.2 million) per year.