Webwire: Google disavows Carrier IQ; Samsung denied French iPhone 4S ban

Staff writer
Google has stated it neither works with or supports Carrier IQ, the network analytics software at the center of a privacy storm, which has been associated with Android since the video was posted showing it operating on an Android-powered HTC phone.
Samsung has lost a lawsuit seeking an injunction on iPhone 4S sales in France on patent violation grounds. Apple lost a court bid for an injunction on Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in the US last week.
A web-based US “virtual embassy” to Iran has been blocked for the nation's internet users, less than a day after the site went online.
US-based cloud gaming start-up OnLive has launched new Android and iOS clients for its streaming service, which allows users to play games being run on OnLive servers via a video feed.
Australia's Telstra has submitted a revised proposed separation undertaking for approval by the ACCC after tweaking it at the competition regulator's behest. But the ACCC has indicated that there are still “outstanding concerns” to be resolved.
Conmen from Thailand and Nigeria have been ordered to pay Yahoo $610 million for using the company's name in a fake lottery scam, but it is unlikely that the company will see a dollar of the penalty.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt has made a bold prediction that by the northern hemisphere's Summer next year, the majority of TVs sold in stores will come embedded with the Google TV platform
Apple has provided more details and updated concept renderings of its planned 2.8 million square foot “spaceship” campus.