Webwire: HTC loses Apple case; HP profit shrinks on WebOS shake-up

Staff writer
HTC has lost the ITC patent violation complaint it had been pursuing against Apple, with the ITC reversing a preliminary ruling in the case and stating it considers the matter to be closed.
HP's October-quarter profit fell 91% to $239 million, largely as a result of the $2.1 billion restructuring charge associated with the scale-back of its WebOS operations.
Samsung has revealed it is in the final stages of negotiations to roll out Google TV-enabled products including television sets.
Apple has for the first time allowed a game publisher to charge a monthly fee for access to a catalog of mobile games, using the subscription model typically used by magazine or newspaper publishers.
Former Microsoft chief Bill Gates is being quizzed in court over claims the firm suppressed a word processing program from Novell when designing Windows 95.
A team of Cambridge University researchers are developing a £25 (€TK) computer for children, which can run full fat apps and handle high definition output.
ZTE will spend 2 billion yuan ($314.7 million) to develop a computing service facility to support China Unicom's WoReading eBook service.
RIM has relocated next month's planned Asian developers' conference to Singapore from Bangkok, as a result of the Thai floods.
Facebook is proving the old adage “six degrees of separation” wrong. According its a new study, 92% of the social network's users are connected by just four degrees, meaning only 4.74 hops would be needed to connect any two profiles.