Webwire: MS complains to EU about Mot-Google; Airtel hit with $3.1b claim

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Microsoft has submitted a complaint to the EU's competition regulator about Motorola Mobility and soon-to-be owner Google, accusing Motorola of impeding competition by aggressively enforcing core patents.
South Africa's Econet Wireless is seeking a payout of at least $3.1 billion in damages from Bharti Airtel, as part of the Econet lawsuit claiming it was frozen out of the decision to sell what is now Airtel Nigeria to the Indian operator.
A research firm has suggested a link between the growing popularity of smartphones and the fact that US cases of identity theft grew 13% last year to 12 million.
US operator Verizon has restored services after being hit with its fourth major LTE outage in the last three months, despite often advertising its networks as being the most reliable in America.
Google is seeking regulatory permission to provide cable TV services over its trial high-speed fiber network in Kansas City, Missouri.
France Telecom's Orange has revealed it has lost 201,000 net subscribers in the little over a month since rival Free Mobile burst onto the scene with low-cost services.
Analyst firm ABI Research has forecast that India's fixed and wireless broadband subscriber base will grow to 15.4 million by the end of 2012, but currently penetration stands at just 5%.
Researchers have suggested that the dominant side of the brain has an affect on the ear used to listen to a mobile phone during a call, with left-brain thinkers more likely to hold up the phone to their right ear.


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