Webwire: SKT accelerates LTE timeline; iPhone 4S AU ban case set for March

Staff writer
South Korea's SK Telecom has accelerated its LTE rollout schedule by eight months, and now plans to start offering services nationwide by April 2012.
An Australian court has set a March hearing for Samsung's appeal to block sales of the iPhone 4S in the nation, and ruled that Apple will be able to continue to sell the device in the interim – including during the crucial holiday sales period.
The Greek telecom regulator has sold three spectrum licenses in the 900-MHz and 1800-MHz bands to the company's major mobile operators, adding a much-needed €380.5 million ($515.2 million) to government coppers.
Sources claim Sony is considering developing an IP-based alternative to cable TV in the US, and has approached some major media companies channels to negotiate the rights to offer their TV channels on PlayStations and its internet-enabled TVs and home theater centers.
Genentech chairman Arthur Levinson will take Steve Jobs' place as chairman of the Apple board, new CEO Tim Cook has announced.
KPN is shopping for a buyer for its Spanish mobile operations, and Vodafone has expressed an interest in an acquisition, according to a source.
Writer Salman Rushdie took to Twitter to complain after his Facebook account was briefly deactivated, then the account name changed to the name on his passport, Ahmed Rushdie.