What to watch for in 2013 and beyond

ABI Research
Devices, applications, and mobility
· Watch for augmented reality to continue its progress through smartphones – not eyewear
· Computing and device form-factor boundaries to crumble in coming years
· Phablets and gesture recognition technology will be hot in the device domain
· Increased usage of mobile devices for data communications could lead to the death of 2G - Finally!
· Increased competition and challenging economic environments will spur continued carrier consolidation
· Carriers will be faced with a strategic choice; Full-service model, service enabler, or network provider
· Latin American LTE will be a hot market to watch
· LTE-only mobile devices will become more common
· Consumer robotics market sees modest gains while personal robotics comes into focus
TV, video and broadband
· TV will be liberated by continued cross-platform experiences
· Gaming market will evolve as DLC and UGC weigh on consoles, while multi-platform approaches and accessories change the immersive experience
· Bandwidth, OTT service support and QoS will be key competition areas for telcos and MNOs
· Broadband gateways to replace modems and routers
· Netflix to spur the advancement of other OTT video service providers
· Multi-screen TV services will continue to explode
Networks and infrastructure
· SDN to make a splash at MWC 2013
· SDNs will disrupt mobile equipment vendors
· Network hardware – general purpose or dedicated?
· CEM will be most misused marketing term in 2013
· Access is the new backhaul