July 03, 2015
Morgan Kurk

The next five years will be about how to make an LTE network more efficient

July 02, 2015
Staff writer
Telecom Asia

Amdoc’s Abhay Kumar discusses the challenges and complexities service providers face behind the scenes as they work to deliver innovative new services

June 26, 2015 telecomasia.net

APNIC boss Paul Wilson calls for action now IPv4 exhaustion is now upon us

June 19, 2015
Alan Zeichick / Camden Associates

It's time for the provisioning of broadband to enter the 21st century

June 12, 2015 Security Insights

As telcos adopt network virtualization technologies like SDN and NFV, they’ll need to plan ahead to avoid security pain-points down the road

June 12, 2015
Staff writer
Security Insights

F5 Networks’ Robert Pizzari explains how security will matter as a service differentiator for faster mobile broadband

June 12, 2015
Bruce Schneier / Resilient Systems
Security Insights

Combating real-time network attacks with OODA loops

June 10, 2015 BSS Insights

LTE creates a maze of opportunities for cellcos to monetize mobile broadband – good luck with that!

June 10, 2015
Staff writer
BSS Insights

Redknee’s Chris Newton-Smith breaks down the potential CSP business models for the IoT, and the necessary tools to make them work

May 20, 2015 Broadband Insights

Yet regulatory hurdles and the shifting telecom landscape present significant challenges on the road ahead

May 20, 2015
Staff writer
Broadband Insights

Huawei’s Hillee Li says SDN-based bandwidth on demand enabled by a flexible network infrastructure can help telcos meet demand for customized service requirements

May 13, 2015 LTE Insights

Telecom Asia/Ovum survey finds that while operators are trying different 4G business models, it’s still network quality that will set them apart from the competition

May 13, 2015
Staff writer
LTE Insights

Tektronix Communications’ Samir Marwaha explains why end-to-end monitoring will be a crucial component of VoLTE’s success

May 07, 2015 LTE Insights

VoLTE is ready to roam, but expect turbulence along the way

May 06, 2015
Vincent Stevens and Vinod Nair
Delta Partners

Emerging and developed nations face different commercial and technical challenges