KT to help strengthen Rwanda's IT security

Eden Estopace
eGov Innovation
KT and Korea Internet and Security Agency have signed an agreement with the government of Rwanda to build a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to strengthen the country's information security.
The project will also involve the development of an Internet center and an electronic authentication system.
The 20 billion won ($18.8 million) contract was signed by officials of the South Korean organizations and the government of Rwanda in December. Under the agreement, KISA will be responsible for training Rwandan personnel as well as support the operation of the center.
Since 2007, KT has been involved in various IT projects in Rwanda, including the national backbone network project in 2008, a national broadband network project in 2010, and a network managed services project in 2011.
“This contract tells us that Africa has large interest in adopting Korea's information security model to Rwanda,” said Lee Ki-Joo, CEO, KISA. “This will be a great opportunity to introduce Korea's excellence in information security technology and bring about expansion of global cooperation through technology support and IT policy consulting.”
Kim Hong-Jin, president, KT G&E, said based on this successful business models in Rwanda, the company will expand to other parts of Africa and Eastern Europe.