December 11, 2015

With increasing capacity and falling prices, Asian cablecos must prioritize investments to maximize profit

December 08, 2015

Transition to 100 Gbps brings significant increases in potential capacity

October 31, 2013

But you can never have enough capacity, says Telekom Malaysia’s Rozaimy Rahman

October 03, 2013

Australian ISP adding more diversity to its international links

April 24, 2013

Secures capacity on Bharti Airtel's India-Singapore cable

January 22, 2013

Covering the supply of 100Gbps of international capacity

October 11, 2012
Telecom Asia

IP transit price declines accelerate while internet capacity growth continues to slow

August 23, 2012

Augments IP network capability to cope with data demands

March 23, 2012
Telecom Asia

With IP-transit prices in freefall and internet bandwidth growth unstoppable, how can telcos take advantage of this

October 11, 2010

Govt-owned Kordia vs startup Pacific Fibre

October 08, 2010

If the lack of subsea cable infrastructure is addressed

July 06, 2010

The $240 million Main One Africa to Europe subsea cable launched ahead of schedule last week, adding tenfold to the

July 05, 2010

€191m Main One cable launched ahead of schedule

September 15, 2009

As carriers increased added 64% more bandwidth

August 26, 2009

Deployed by Telstra in carrier Ethernet platform