December 08, 2014
A look into the mind of Thailand's state enterprise super board
December 08, 2014
TDRI recommends allowing private investment, warns against merger plan
December 04, 2014
TOT and CAT will have to reduce spending by 10%
December 03, 2014
To operate nationwide fiber assets from public and potentially private telcos
November 26, 2014
Thai state telco will invest in increasing its fixed-line customer base
November 24, 2014
And giving regulatory power to state telcos TOT and CAT
November 18, 2014
900-MHz/1800-MHz auctions expected to take place next year
November 11, 2014
Nation's 4G customer base could hit 4.6m by 2016
November 07, 2014
To deploy 3G, 4G equipment in several major Thai cities
November 06, 2014
Thai cellco aims to become a “digital life service provider”
November 04, 2014
Awards a deal for a converged 100G IP transport network in Bangkok
October 31, 2014
Aims to cover 60% of Thai population with its network by February
September 22, 2014
Not the first time this has happened: Jimmy Wales
September 17, 2014
New Prime Minister vows to use technology to clamp down on lese majeste offenders
September 12, 2014
Huge man-in-the-middle attack targets login credentials