January 07, 2019

Regulator NBTC will subsidize broadband services for low-income households in border villages

December 21, 2018

Operators will be given 10 months to migrate their remaining 5.2m 2G customers onto 3G or 4G networks

December 17, 2018

Docomo Money Transfer now supports mobile remittances to 42 countries and regions

December 13, 2018

As part of efforts to reallocate spectrum to facilitate the rollout of 5G

November 27, 2018

Regulator NBTC is reportedly drafting regulations covering areas including numbering, security and spectrum usage

November 20, 2018

Thai regulator is considering assigning idle 26-GHz spectrum for separate trial in Bangkok

November 09, 2018

Thai regulator plans to recall unused spectrum in at least three bands to be reallocated for 5G

October 29, 2018

Thai operator was the sole participant in an auction of 5 MHz of 900-MHz spectrum on Sunday

October 09, 2018

The Thai operator will now have until October 16 to decide whether to participate in the auction

September 24, 2018

Thai regulator sets a deadline of October 8 for operators to apply to take part

September 11, 2018

Thai state-owned operator will target suburban customers of metro Bangkok with the service

September 07, 2018

Thai operator files court action against regulator NBTC seeking an injunction and a remedy period

August 20, 2018

Only two of the nine 10 MHz blocks of 1800-MHz spectrum were auctioned

August 17, 2018

Thai operator taps Motorola Solutions to deploy the mission-critical communications network

August 15, 2018

Ask regulator NBTC to reduce their financial burdens and stimulate healthier competition