September 22, 2014
Not the first time this has happened: Jimmy Wales
September 17, 2014
New Prime Minister vows to use technology to clamp down on lese majeste offenders
September 12, 2014
Huge man-in-the-middle attack targets login credentials
September 09, 2014
Thai cellco sets sights on 80K fixed line subs in four years
September 03, 2014
Brekke takes over as interim CEO after a six-year absence
September 02, 2014
New ICT minister will wait to decide whether to merge the state telcos
September 02, 2014
Thai telco aims to meet swelling demand for more data capacity
September 01, 2014
Junta leader General Prayuth Chanocha takes role of PM
August 28, 2014
Unencrypted passwords and logins galore when dealing with citizen data; telco backends opened up and HTTPS disabled
August 25, 2014
ICT ministry repays USO funds after missing rollout targets
July 31, 2014
Retail Tech Innovation
Retail giant adopts technology from 2C2P for the rollout
July 24, 2014
Learn how TrueVisions deployed a proven and studio approved content security solution to facilitate licensing of
July 24, 2014
State-owned telco posts $19m profit, $795m revenue for 1H14
July 22, 2014
It’s all blue skies and green lights for CAT and TOT under reform plan
July 21, 2014
Junta orders regulator NBTC to rethink spectrum allocation process