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TM's Rozaimy Rahman talks about the challenges of rolling out LTE in Malaysia
Nation's mobile market leadership puts it at the forefront of the IoT revolution
The challenge is to keep quality of service in every call
Cellcos that want to make money from video need to understand the ways in which the TV/media
What's holding up small cell deployments? Among other things, it's complex backhaul issues that

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Insights about the future of IPX as well as LTE roaming, RCS and VoLTE deployments


Cui Jinglong, wireless marketing director at Huawei Malaysia, outlines what makes excellent mobile broadband networks

Mei Zhonghua, ZTE’s top man in Indonesia, says the country has become a strategic market for ZTE innovation that is b


John C. Tanner
Cellcos can use 5 GHz band for extra LTE capacity without impacting Wi-Fi
Don Sambandaraksa
Thai regulator is meanwhile facing being disbanded due to its past decisions


Duke Woolley/Beecham Research
LTE-M could deliver low data rates for M2M devices over cellular infrastructure
Caroline Gabriel/Wireless Watch
Proposed use of 5-GHz and 3.5-GHz spectrum is particularly contentious