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Shhmooze CEO says innovation isn’t something that can be unleashed – it requires trying and failing
Time to give control to customers
The crypto-currency is the antidote to over-regulation: Matonis


Emeka Obiodu/Ovum
Unveil price reforms, products and service aimed at tackling OTT substitution
Pauline Trotter/Ovum
DoCoMo and Deutsche Telekom both unveil connected cow projects


Billing and messaging are still core to its operations, but Comverse makes a shift to IP and coping with the challenges of being a digital lifestyle provider with the handset at its heart
Being focused on real-time monetization is key to Redknee's success, but its CEO has been overwhelmed by the support of customers and employees since acquiring NSN’s BSS business
Overcoming early VoLTE inhibitors has propelled Mavenir in helping operators worldwide to launch more IMS and virtualized services
Mike Ropicky at Tektronix Communications believes that if the network performs well, delivering connectivity and speed, it makes customers happy, and happy customers don't churn
We have underestimated the growth in data and it is now unstoppable. Oracle’s Gordon Rawling stresses speed and agility over scalability
Why is LTE and its pure data offerings proving to be challenging for the back office? Vaibhav Mehta from Elitecore has the answers
Tail-f CTO Carl Moberg says people are starting to talk about SDN, but what they really mean is network abstraction
Can telcos provide M2M platforms to utilities and automotive industries? Orga's David Burks and Marelco's Al Panlilio tell us how.
Kontron's Sven Freudenfeld knows cloud and how best to deliver, manage and scale cloud services effectively
Mavenir Systems' Ian Pattison explains how network operators can transform their networks for next-gen services
It's not just about growth in data, it's a signaling issue as well


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