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However you define it, 5G is going to need lots of new spectrum to deliver the goods  
CommScope’s Navin Vohra explains next-gen 5G standards and the need for essential spectrum in
A converged backhaul network can accomodate LTE and legacy traffic
JDSU's Rajesh Rao discusses how distributed case station architectures are creating new challenges
Mavenir’s Ian Pattison, explains how VoLTE and VoWi-Fi will drive MNOs from voice-centric to data-

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Tony Poulos
Passenger hit with $1700 bill for Wi-Fi consumption
John C. Tanner
Re-engineer it into an efficient smart-meter platform instead, suggest engineers


Nipun Jaiswal / Analysys Mason
5G could be the most complex standards activity that the telecom industry has undertaken  
Saurabh Sharma/Ovum
Cloud-based IoT platforms have helped drive the first wave


Ericsson global CTO Ulf Ewaldsson discusses 5G and its implications for consumers, services and devices.

Navin Vohra of CommScope tells us what cellcos should consider as they make plans to modernize their networks.