December 24, 2010
The stories that caught your attention in 2010 – most of them about iPhones

December 17, 2010
Twitter valuation soars, 670 Mbps HSPA+

December 10, 2010
Sprint scraps iDEN, NZ govt overlooks Telecom

December 03, 2010
EC goes after Google, Amazon takes down Wikileaks

November 26, 2010
More Malaysian Wimax, as Facebook trademarks "face"

November 19, 2010
Beatles makes it to iTunes, Google Voice makes the App Store

November 12, 2010
Sprint excludes Chinese firms, Google denies Facebook

November 05, 2010
China's web spat, Pacnet gets some cash

October 29, 2010
SKT squares up to the big guys, Verizon pays the price

October 22, 2010
IPv4 address shortage, Ozzie exits Microsoft

October 15, 2010
Clearwire hocks its spectrum

October 08, 2010
IDA abandons 3G auction, again

October 01, 2010
Apple sues Nokia again, India to audit telecom imports

September 24, 2010
LTE in the USA, LG chief exits

September 17, 2010
EU probes Chinese wireless modems, USF under review


John C. Tanner
In 2020, IT security's goal will be to protect business models from users
Tony Poulos
India’s 2G license scandal could trigger operator consolidation
Jonathan Doran/Ovum
OTT service innovation relies on today’s broadcasters
Julie Kunstler/Ovum
Chinese company Xinmao joins the bidding war for optical supplier Draka
John C. Tanner
Operators could be caught in the crossfire as governments fight for the power to enforce digital copyright laws by shutting down entire domain names
Robert Clark
Latest spectrum scandal in India could spark consolidation as penalties may force some out of the market

Video from Telecom Channel

The readers have chosen
Highlights from the 3rd Annual Readers' Choice Awards ceremony, where Cisco, Ericsson, Amdocs and Huawei were the big winners  


Douglas MacMillan
Google's M&A boss has to convince founders to sell, and to stick around
Mark Sten, Globys
Carriers need to shift from blasting large segments to delivering highly personalized communications


Staff writer
Researchers propose body-to-body networks
Staff writer
Rick Dodd joins Ciena from Infinea