TA Feb-Mar 2013

Cover Story
There is some serious innovation going on to make wireless networks run faster and better, from full-duplex MIMO and cognitive radios to congestion management software and applied algebra


Based on the information made public, the Google/FT-Orange deal looks more like business as usual than the end of net neutrality


BT's Bruce Schneier shares his insight about losing control, loving complexity and dealing with a world that will be less secure


Telcos need to invest early and not wait until OTT operators achieve dominance in a service segment

Analyst View

Telcos are determined to use small cells not just to lower costs and boost capacity, but to achieve a new sort of intelligent network

Poulos Points

Unifying all the replicated mobile networks could create a super distribution network that shares the entire spectrum more efficiently


The MVNO is a vehicle for innovation - Analysys Mason outlines three models


Research from TeleGeography shows that carriers are expanding their on-net IP VPN and Ethernet services to meet growing demand from enterprises