TA Nov 2012

Cover Story
New global research reveals little correlation between local access prices and IP transit costs or even broadband penetration, but the market isn't as random as it looks


The majority of players in the mobile ad space wish they were doing nearly as well as Google


TM Global's Rozaimy Rahman explains why telcos can no longer rely on pure bandwidth services

Analyst View

Armed with the lessons learned from 3G-pricing pitfalls, operators have a second chance to charge for services beyond pure connectivity


Telcos need to form alliances and promote hybrid smart home platforms with applications related to their core businesses
Growing sophistication of managed mobility services makes it more difficult for enterprises to handle BYOD in-house
Despite the hype, BYOD deployments seem to be based more on office politics than the organization's needs

Country Focus

Market slowed by lack of support from regulator and innovative services

Poulos Points

The industry needs an epiphany – a sudden realization that things have to change. But telcos don’t like change and they certainly don’t like moving quickly