TA Sep 2012

Cover Story
The next wave of LTE operators can benefit from the experience of the first-movers


Some kind of organized industry approach is needed to make indoor LBS a success

Cloud Computing

Telcos risk getting left behind in the wake of next-gen cloud services, but they still possess several advantages to help them stay in the game


Telstra CTO Hugh Bradlow sees convergence of technologies driving huge gains in productivity


A bilateral approach needs to be framed by some agreed principles to avoid inconsistent regulation that sets up new barriers


The profitability of an OTT video business will depend on a large subscriber base and the highly efficient operations of a large-scale technical platform

Country Focus

Smartphone penetration is still less than 20% but is expected to increase significantly, driven in large part by the youth segment

Poulos Points

After Apple's $1b award, suddenly Windows Phone 8 OS looks like a great option