Download & Install Crickex App from Bangladesh for Android and iOS 2023

Crickex is a great pick for those who enjoy betting in India and Bangladesh. You can choose the sportsbook because it features all the relevant betting licenses to operate in the two countries. It is always making its features better to appeal to a huge population. Currently, you can get a Crickex app which makes betting on a mobile device better. Let us learn more below.

Download Crickex Mobile App

Crickex Mobile App Bonus

Crickex bonus page
Crickex promotions page

Currently, there is no bonus that directly relates to the use of a mobile app. Also, there is no welcome bonus, but other bonuses are found on the promotions page. Such include exchanging gift points for cash, refer and earn, weekly lucky draw, and more.

The sportsbook tends to change its bonuses from time to time. Keep checking the promotions page more often for updates.


How To Download & Install Crickex Mobile App?

Now that you are interested in how to install Crickex app, let us see how to first download it and then the installation.


Go to the Crickex website

Go to the Crickex website

Simply load the Crickex website to find the download link for the app. Make sure it is the correct Bangladesh website.


Click the phone icon

Click the phone icon

To download the app, look at the icon next to the home button on the top menu. Click on that phone icon to access the download page for the app.


Download the app

Download the app

On the page that loads, click on the app download link. The app is downloaded to your device. Tap on the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.


Download Crickex Mobile App For Android

Cricket APK download on your phone is quite easy. Here are a few steps to take to complete the process.

  • Load the Crickex website on your phone browser;
  • Tap on the App download button on the top bar;
  • It will open a new page with the download button. Tap on the download button;
  • The APK file is downloaded to the device. Tap on the downloaded file to install the app;
  • Make sure to allow the app to be installed and other permissions too.

It should be simple to do as it is like installing any other app on your phone.


Crickex Android app requirements

App version3.0.0
App size4.8Mb
Android versionAndroid 4.0+
Download Crickex Mobile App

Download Crickex Mobile App For iOS

Crickex does not offer an iOS mobile app currently.

Crickex Login from Bangladesh
Crickex Login from Bangladesh

How to Create an Account on the Crickex App?

Crickex app sign-up process is as simple as the crickex app login since you will not struggle at all. Here are quick steps for creating an account on Crickex using the app.

  • Open the Crickex mobile app;
  • Tap on the signup button at the bottom of the app;
  • You should see a signup form. Enter your details;
  • Tap on the Confirm button at the bottom of the form to finish the process.


How to Verify Identity?

After the Crickex app download and sign up, all that is remaining is verifying the account. The team at Crickex will send more information about what to provide before an account is verified.

The verification documents include your national ID, passport, and utility bill. Once you have provided such information, the support team should get back to you within a day. 

Download Crickex Mobile App

Crickex Mobile App Main Features

Once you download Cricket app free, next is to enjoy the main features of the mobile app. So, what makes the app stand out?


Live chat

In case you want quick help, you can consider using the live chat option. It is possible to get help from live agents. This is usually faster than when you have to wait for email replies.



Anyone installing the app hopes to get an easy-to-use app. That is what this one is all about. You can access all the different betting services from one place and bet right away. It also provides fast access to the betting options than having to load the mobile website.


Fingerprint login

This is a great idea for those who might be interested to access the app with ease. You can set it up to allow you logging into the app using the fingerprint sensor. You can also consider the face detection feature for accessing the account.


Live betting

Live betting is also possible with the use of the mobile app. You can always have an easy time logging into your account and betting on the live games. The best part about live betting is that you still get the most out of your bet even if you are late to the game.


Crickex Mobile App Betting Options


Types of bets

Crickex is quite good in terms of the bet options available to bet one. The most notable should be cricket considering it is a popular sport in the region. Some of the betting options include match winner, away over 4 runs, home over 17 runs, home inns runs, home group 1-6 runs, and more.


What sports to bet on?

Betting is only fun when you have several sports options to bet on. Below are some of the sports to consider betting on while on the Crickex mobile app.

  • Soccer;
  • Cricket;
  • Volleyball;
  • Table tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Saba soccer


How to place a Cricket Bet?

If you are interested in placing a cricket bet, here are the steps to take.

  • Visit the Crickex homepage;
  • Login into your account and locate cricket under sports;
  • Choose the game you want to bet on and the bet type;
  • Enter your preferred amount in the bet slip and activate the slip
Download Crickex Mobile App

Crickex Mobile Version

Those using the iOS devices can opt for the mobile version since there is no iOS app. Still, those with Android devices can still use the mobile version rather than having to install the app.

The mobile version is still a good deal in ensuring you can browse and bet from your mobile device. The best part about the mobile version is that it is still the same as the desktop version meaning you miss nothing. The only difference is that it has been optimized for mobile device use. As such it is responsive to the screen size of a device.


Crickex Mobile Version VS Crickex App

Looking at the two, we find the Crickex mobile app as a simple way of betting. With the mobile version, you may have to keep logging into your account. However, with the Crickex app you just have to launch it and start betting.

We also like how the app is easy on the phone resources. You would not have to worry that the phone would slow down because you have installed the Crickex app. Since it is easy to use, many people might also be interested in using it.

We cannot forget that with the mobile version, you will not have to worry about uninstalling it before installing a new app. That would not be a concern when you have a mobile version website. So, the choice between the two will largely depend on personal preference.


What Сan Be Improved in Crickex Mobile App

We find the app lacks a bonus specific to using the mobile app. This would not encourage people to use the app. Anyone would be interested in using the app once they see there is a bonus.

Currently, the mobile app would only work best for those in India and Bangladesh. Expanding its services should make the app and sportsbook reachable to a lot more people worldwide.



When you are interested in betting, you would want to get it done on a good and legal sportsbook. That is where the Crickex sportsbook comes in. It features an Android app you can use for betting on the platform. As much as the iOS app is not available, you can still use the mobile version. Many people find it a generally good sportsbook, so you can also try it today.

Download Crickex Mobile App


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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
The sportsbook is legal, making its app legal too. It features the right licenses needed to make it a legal sportsbook in Bangladesh.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
It is possible to win money via the sportsbook. The most important thing is to know how to bet well. If you can place the bets correctly, you should win money easily.
How to bet on your phone?
Betting on your phone is simple and fast. All you need is to choose the sport that you want and the bet type. Enter your desired bet amount and activate the bet.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Crickex App?
There are no major taxes directed toward the winnings from your betting activities. However, check with the betting company in case of any changes.


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