10 best movies similar to Warcraft

Alisa Barladyan
16 Feb 2022

Here's a selection of movies similar to the 2016 fantasy action movie Warcraft that everyone should watch. Warcraft is a computer game adaptation, so our list includes several projects based on video games. In this article, you will learn about the best movies in this genre in recent years.

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1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

  • IMDb rating — 6.6/10;
  • Release year — 2010;
  • Country — USA;
  • Director — Mike Newell;
  • Genre — fantasy, adventure, action;
  • Movie duration — 115 minutes /01:55.


The movie plot is based on the Prince of Persia computer game and tells us about the destiny of Prince Dastan, who has a burden on his shoulders. As a child, the young man was adopted by King Sharaman and brought up as his own. The boy lived with his step brothers. After the storming of the sacred city of Alamut, the king dies. Because of someone's intrigues, Dastan is believed to be the murderer of King Sharaman. He lost power and was drummed out.
Later, the hero learns that it was his brother who ordered to kill the king and framed Dastan. The prince decides to reveal the truth and prevent Nizam from getting hold of a powerful artifact that can turn back time. However, he has been hunted, so on his way, Dastan will face strong opponents and insidious traps. The main character is an unusual prince, he has good skills in weapons and acrobatics. Dastan is going to save his family, using them.

The reasons to watch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

  • A good adaptation that the fans will love. The authors managed to preserve and convey the game atmosphere;
  • Script. Although the movie diverges from the original games, the director managed to produce an interesting story that does not let go until the very end;
  • Handsome and interesting characters with a developed story. In addition to the plot, the authors of the picture developed the protagonist and other characters;
  • Technical quality. Though the premiere was in 2010, the movie still looks excellent. Some special effects will definitely surprise the audience.

2. The Lord of the Rings

  • IMDb rating — 8.8/10;
  • Release year — 2001;
  • Country — New Zealand, USA;
  • Director — Peter Jackson;
  • Genre — fantasy, adventure, drama;
  • Movie duration — 178 minutes /02:58.


The Lord of the Rings is a series of three movies: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. The Hobbit trilogy is the prequel. We advise you to watch it, too.
The main character of the original trilogy is a hobbit named Frodo. One day he suddenly learns that he is to perform a mission to save the world. The hobbit joins the Fellowship of the Ring to destroy the Ruling Ring which was secretly forged by the Dark Lord Sauron. To save the world, Frodo needs to throw the Ring into the mouth of the Orodruin volcano, but the way to it is very dangerous. During the adventure, Frodo and his servant Sam meet the new allies who join them on their journey.
On the way to the volcano, the Fellowship of the Ring splits, and Frodo and Sam continue their journey alone. Later they meet Gollum who has his secrets. He promises to get the hobbits to Orodruin. At the same time, the wizard Gandalf tries to stop Sauron's army.

The reasons to watch The Lord of the Rings

  • Story. It is one of the best works by John Tolkien. He created a realistic world with its history, mythology, races, and even different languages. The director Peter Jackson managed to adapt the story and convey the Middle-earth atmosphere;
  • Actors. Famous Elijah Wood and other actors gave it their all to show Tolkien's characters. The cast was so well that each character looks and behaves very naturally;
  • Visuals. The movies were released back in the 2000-s when using the now popular green screen was hard. The crew created very high-quality graphics. The authors also played with perspective, for example, to make the hobbits look more plausible compared to other races.
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3. The Great Wall

  • IMDb rating — 5.9/10;
  • Release year — 2016;
  • Country — USA, Australia, Canada;
  • Director — Zhang Yimou;
  • Genre — fantasy, adventure, thriller;
  • Movie duration — 104 minutes /01:44.


The plot is about the fight of the Nameless Order against the Tao Tie monsters. According to the legends, the monsters appeared on the Earth after the fall of a green meteorite. Every 60 years they try to break through the Great Wall and destroy everything on their way. The warriors believe that the monsters are sent by the gods to avenge the people for their emperor's greed.
A group of scientists goes to China to learn the secret of black powder. On their way, they are attacked by nomads and then by the Tao Tie themselves. Of the 20 men, only Pero Garin and William Tovar survived. They were captured by the Nameless Order led by General Shao. Later, the Order found out that this time, Tao Tie would attack earlier than planned. The characters learn how they can defeat the monsters and start fighting with them.
At the same time, Tovar and Garin still want to steal the secret of black powder and return to the motherland. They make up a plan and try to execute it but everything goes wrong. The characters are captured again. The Tao Tie start the massive attack on the Order warriors.

The reasons to watch The Great Wall

  • One of the differences between this movie and others of the genre is the mix of west and east. The characters are representatives of different countries, so Western philosophy collides here with an Eastern craving for duty;
  • Plot. Though the story is simple, it doesn't look silly. Quite the opposite, it's a well-developed movie that answers all the viewer's questions and has a logical progression of events;
  • Graphics. The movie was released in 2016 and had a budget of $150 million, which the authors justified by showing a great picture. You should also see the fights and costumes of the characters made at the highest level.

4. In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

  • IMDb rating — 4.8/10;
  • Release year — 2006;
  • Country — USA, Germany, Canada;
  • Director — Uwe Boll;
  • Genre — fantasy, adventure, thriller, action, military;
  • Movie duration — 121 minutes /02:01.


The film is set in the kingdom of Ehb, which takes part in the war with Magus Gallian. The main character, Farmer, tries to avenge the murderer of his son and save his kidnapped wife Solana. The character doesn't want to get into the conflict between the states, so he acts with a couple of friends. In addition to Magi and soldiers, the path is blocked by mystical warrior beasts Krugs.
The main character has a second purpose — to learn more about his past. He didn't have parents. The boy was adopted by people from the city of Stonebridge. Farmer grew up and started his family there, unaware of the imminent disaster. At some moment, he was far away from his wife and son. The Krugs attacked them, killing the child and taking Solana.
The Farmer's friends are sure he is an unusual person. The heads of the conflicting states also think so and try to capture the hero. You will learn whether he will manage to save his wife and what secrets his past has when you watch the movie.

The reasons to watch In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

  • The movie is a game adaptation, so the fans will like it. The authors have tried to fit in the basics to convey the spirit of the old-school action RPG;
  • Actors. Jason Statham wonderfully got into the main character. He showed it as an avenger and rebel. Ron Perlman and John Rhys-Davies were also good. The movie wouldn't be so interesting without them;
  • Message. The authors wanted to say that belief in oneself and humanity is much stronger than some high-level magic;
  • Scenery and costumes. The creators developed these two factors most of all. As you watch it, you are drawn into the world on the screen, as it looks as alive as possible.

5. The Avatar

  • IMDb rating — 7.9/10;
  • Release year — 2009;
  • Country — USA, UK;
  • Director — James Cameron;
  • Genre — science fiction, adventure, drama, action;
  • Movie duration — 162 minutes /02:42.


Few haven't heard about The Avatar franchise. The movie is the first in the ranking of the highest-grossing films in history. The movie also reminds us of Warcraft, as it has a developed world with its history, characters, and events. If you haven't watched The Avatar, it's time to do it, as the second part will be released in December 2022.
The plot is set on the Pandora planet. Humanity has found a source of valuable resources there and wants to gain control of the planet. The problem is the residents of the planet — the Na'vi. They are an intelligent race. The people of Earth want to negotiate with them and come to an agreement, so they send their soldiers in the guise of avatars. Avatar is a hybrid of the Na'vi body and the spirit, the intellect of man.
The main character, Jake Sully, is paraplegic. He gets the opportunity to go to Pandora and perform tasks in another body. The hero agrees as he can move with the help of the avatar. After meeting the Na'vis, he realizes that people have a hostile attitude. Their task of making friends serves only as a cover.

The reasons to watch The Avatar

  • World and story. "The Avatar," just like "Warcraft," has a detailed and vibrant world with its story. When you watch the movie, you immerse into what's going on and it seems you are the participants of the action. The movie also has a fascinating plot which keeps you in suspense until the very end;
  • Graphics. Even today the technical part of the story is at a high level. The authors have worked hard on the graphics, which bore fruit. The movie is made in 3D but looks very plausible.
  • Idea. The authors try to say how important living in harmony with nature is. In the example of the Earthlings in Avatar, we see how their actions affect the planet;
  • Characters. The authors managed to reveal the secondary characters, which is vital. We understand both the people's and Na'vi's motivation. Behind each character is a different story that made him the person he became. Following the development of the characters and the change in their worldview is also very interesting.
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6. Clash of the Titans

  • IMDb rating — 5.8/10;
  • Release year — 2010;
  • Country — USA, UK, Australia;
  • Director — Louis Leterrier;
  • Genre — fantasy, adventure, action;
  • Movie duration — 102 minutes /01:42.


The movie plot is based on Ancient Greek mythology. People stopped believing the Gods and decided to give them up. Zeus didn't forgive them and unleashed the Furies – flying monsters. Later, Hades, the god of the dead, persuades Zeus to teach the people a lesson for declaring war on the gods. He comes to the city of Argos and declares that he will set the Kraken against the inhabitants if the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia is not sacrificed.
The main hero of the story is the demigod Perseus. His mother is a human, while his father is Zeus. His early family dies because of the gods' actions and he is captured by the guards of Argos. In the prison, he meets Io, who reveals the veil of mystery over Perseus' past.
The hero has one aim — to avenge his relatives' death and end the tyranny of gods by killing Kraken. To do it, Perseus needs to undertake a journey full of discoveries and deadly dangers. At the same time, Hades is making up a plan to overthrow Zeus.

The reasons to watch Clash of the Titans

  • Setting. The story of the gods isn't new. But this work is not the same as the others, as it changes the mythical events showing a completely different story which is exciting to watch. The director made a well-developed fantasy world;
  • Spectacle. The movie easily rivals Warcraft and The Avatar. It has plenty of epic fights, and their details are astounding. Take for example the scene with Kraken;
  • Cast. Some viewers were not satisfied with Perseus played by Sam Worthington, but even if so, the other actors were top-notch. The Zeus of Liam Neeson is a real god of thunder and lightning. The same can be said about other actors who played main and secondary characters.

7. Dracula Untold

  • IMDb rating — 6.3/10;
  • Release year — 2014;
  • Country — USA, UK, Ireland;
  • Director — Gary Shore;
  • Genre — fantasy, horror, drama, action;
  • Movie duration — 100 minutes /01:40.


The movie depicts the troubled fate of Vlad the Impaler, ruler of Wallachia, who was willing to become a monster to protect his family and people. After countless battles, the hero returns to his native land with regrets for what he did when he was a warrior of the Ottoman Empire. He became a kind and fair ruler who was respected by his people. Vlad has acquired a family and lived happily, having forgotten about the past.
But his happiness didn't last long. One day, the warriors find the footsteps of the Turkish soldiers and follow them to the mountain with a cave. An unknown creature attacks them and kills everyone, but the Impaler. Later, he found out it was a vampire who drinks human blood. The ruler decides to conceal the truth from the people, who are already troubled by the frequent Turkish incursions.
After the discovery of the vampire, Turkish soldiers arrive at the Impaler for tribute. By order of Sultan Mehmed, Vlad must give a thousand boys to the Janissary army. The hero hesitates, as his son will also leave, so he decides to refuse the warriors and kills them. This started a war between the Impaler and Mehmed. Vlad doesn't want to lose his family and people, so he goes to the monster from the cave to turn into a vampire and kill the enemies. But he'll have to give something of equal value for this power.

The reasons to watch Dracula Untold

  • Characters. At least, you can watch the movie because of the main character, Vlad the Impaler. Dracula is depicted as an amiable man who loves his people and family. It is interesting to watch him change, turning into a bloodthirsty vampire;
  • Story. Movies and books about Dracula won't surprise anyone, but this work reveals the story in a new way. At the center of the narrative are the Impaler and his desire to protect his people, which makes the plot twist. The movie proves that a person will do everything to save his loved ones, even turn into a monster;
  • Script. The authors worked on the film, so there are almost no illogical moments. The characters' behavior is logical, and the plot is smooth and doesn't confuse the viewer.
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8. Seventh Son

  • IMDb rating — 5.5/10;
  • Release year — 2014;
  • Country — USA, UK, Canada, China;
  • Director — Sergei Bodrov;
  • Genre — fantasy, adventure;
  • Movie duration — 102 minutes /01:42.


The story starts with a prolog in which the knight named Gregory wins some Evil. The hero locks the enemy in a dungeon underground. Years pass from their battle, and the so-called blood moon comes, which empowers Evil, and it bursts out in dragon form to take revenge on Gregory.
One day Gregory is summoned by his apprentice, concerned about the situation of a girl who has been possessed by an evil spirit. The witcher comes to the place and performs the exorcism ritual. Suddenly a witch named Malkin flies out of the girl's body. She is the Evil that Gregory tried to confine forever. Now she longs to avenge the witcher and starts to fight with him. During the bout, Gregory's apprentice dies, and the witch flies away.
Gregory realizes that he can't deal with Malkin alone and decides to find a new apprentice, who should become the best witcher in a short time. This apprentice is the seventh son of the seventh son, though it may sound strange.

The reasons to watch Seventh Son

  • Actors. The advantage of the film is the cast with Jeff Bridges as the main hero. This is a charismatic man who showed wise and strong Gregory. The scenes with him are the most memorable in the movie, for example, the one with the boggart. The rest of the cast also tried to show their best game, which did not go unnoticed;
  • Special effects. The movie is full of various special effects which immerse the viewer into the plot and make him lose touch with reality. Magical creatures and spells look very plausible;
  • Lightness. The movie doesn't try to be larger than life but slowly tells the familiar story of the struggle between good and evil.

9. John Carter

  • IMDb rating — 6.6/10;
  • Release year — 2012;
  • Country — USA;
  • Director — Andrew Stanton;
  • Genre — science fiction, action, adventure;
  • Movie duration — 132 minutes /02:12.


The movie tells us about former soldier and Civil War veteran John Carter. The hero is teleported to the Barsoom planet, which the Earthlings call Mars. There he finds out he can easily breathe and gets a superpower. The character gains new abilities since there is lower gravity on Mars. Upon arrival, the hero is captured by the locals, who are tall humanoids with four arms.
John finds himself embroiled in a war between the cities of Mars. Now he needs to save not only his life but the life of the Helium princess, Dejah Thoris. In addition, the hero must find out how he got to Mars, as well as deal with the aliens who can travel between the planets and secretly control the leaders of the states.

The reasons to watch John Carter

  • Special effects. From four-meter aliens to the insanely beautiful landscapes of the red planet, this film has a lot to surprise the viewer. There's well-staged combat, which is combined with 3D graphics and does not annoy you, which is very commendable;
  • Plot. It's one of the few films which will keep you in suspense until the very end. At some point, you'll think you've got it all figured out, but "John Carter" will do something new that wasn't expected of him at all;
  • Action. The film consists almost entirely of action and will not let you get bored. There are battles with huge gorillas, followed by a battle with the natives. It seems that now there will be some dialogue, reflection of the hero, but no, the picture again throws the viewer into the thick of things.

10. Thor: Ragnarok

  • IMDb rating — 7.9/10;
  • Release year — 2017;
  • Country — USA, Australia;
  • Director — Taika Waititi;
  • Genre — science fiction, action, comedy, fantasy, adventure;
  • Movie duration — 130 minutes /02:10.


It is the third film about the god of thunder made by Marvel. The picture differs from the first two parts with a lot of action, a lot of characters, and new worlds. The film will decide the fate of Thor and his kingdom — Asgard. No less attention has been paid to revealing secondary characters and their stories.
The plot begins in the domain of the fiery demon Surtur, who threatens to bring about the destruction of all life. Naturally, Thor does not take his words seriously and defeats the enemy, believing that he has stopped Ragnarök. The God of Thunder returns home and discovers that Odin, his father and ruler of Asgard, is missing. It is the work of his brother Loki, with whom he sets out in search of his father. When the brothers find Odin, he gives them a parting word and dies.
At this moment, the Goddess of Death Hela, who has been sealed in the dungeon by Odin, emerges from her imprisonment. She easily defeats Thor and Loki, but at the last moment, they manage to flee. Both end up on the planet Sakaar, from which they must escape and return to Asgard to deal with Hela once and for all.

The reasons to watch Thor: Ragnarok

  • Script. Director Taiki Waititi managed to make the best film in the Thor trilogy. In Ragnarok, there is both action and drama. The authors have not forgotten about the development of characters, for example, the story of Loki. The movie is not like other Marvel projects, so it can easily hook a person who is far from superheroes;
  • Graphics. Thor is connected to space, which means there are many scenes in the film showing the beauty of the universe. Wherever the viewer finds himself, he will always have a great picture in front of him;
  • Characters. It is interesting to follow not only Thor but also the secondary characters. The authors showed their characters and explain their motivations, which makes it very interesting to follow their relationship;
  • Actors. The picture has a star cast. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston who played Thor and Loki are at their best again. Marvel is notable for being good at selecting actors for characters, and Chris and Tom were born for their roles. It also stars Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, and other famous actors, without whom the film would not look as good.
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