Announcement of the DPC 2021/22 South American Regional Finals

Alisa Barladyan
12 Feb 2022

South America is the most boring region for the average CIS Dota 2 fan. Games in this region are played in the middle of the night and involve organizations, teams, and players that some have never even heard of. So watching the DPC season in South America is a questionable idea unless you are a fan of the region. However, the regional finals in SA are a different matter. It's worth paying attention to. After all, this tournament is only three days long and features four of the region's strongest teams. The South American regional final is unlikely to be very interesting, but it will be a few cool and memorable games. Also, most likely, the tournament winner will qualify for The International 11 (as he will have a lot of DPC points), and that should be worth a look. To find out who the favorites and the outsiders of the South American regional finals are, look at the article from

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Tournament Format

The professional season's 2021/22 South American regional finals will take place February 11-13. The four teams that finished in the top 4 will participate in that tournament during the season. There will be no group stage. As it should be, the final will begin with a playoff. The competition will be held in Double Elimination, which means that each team will have the right to make a mistake (a loss). In the first round, the team from first place in the league will play against the fourth place and the second team against the third one. Due to this, teams that have made a difference throughout the season will have a slight advantage.

Tournament Prize Pool

Over three days, four teams will compete for 100 thousand USD and 380 DPC points. Valve decided to compensate for the lack of a major with these prizes for the teams who took the lead at the end of the league's first season. All four Finalists will receive cash prizes, and only the top two teams will receive DPC points. The distribution of the prizes is as follows.

  • 1 place — 50 thousand USD + 250 DPC-points;
  • 2 place — 25 thousand USD + 130 DPC- points;
  • 3 place — 15 thousand USD;
  • 4 place — 10 thousand USD.
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Tournament Participants

In South America, the top four teams in the region are Thunder Predator (7-0), INF.UESPORTS (5-2), beastcoast (4-3) and King Of Kings (4-3). The statistics of wins and losses already show that there is one clear favorite and three contenders in the region. However, we should not forget that we are talking about South America. The players here are so hot that it is impossible to predict the quality of their game. Everything can change at any minute in this region. All we can do is watch and enjoy. Let's take a closer look at the participants in the South American regional finals.

Thunder Predator

Thunder Predator was South America's biggest disappointment in the last DPC cycle. Back then, the team had a very strong start. They managed to get to the Singapore majors and even took 5-6th place there, which can be a cool result for this team. The hot Peruvians played very aggressively but with discipline, thanks to which they were able to win matches against the world giants. It was incredibly cool. However, Thunder Predator did not qualify for the second major tournament of the season. In the group stage of The International 10, Thunder Predator failed to win a single map and finished the tournament 0:16, leaving the tournament in last place. After that, the organization announced a disbanding and kicked all the failing players. In their place, Thunder Predator signed NoPing players.

The NoPing players, on the other hand, played poorly in the first DPC season last year and finished in first place in their region in the second. The team has been rolling out pretty well and has stayed in good shape for a long time. So it's no surprise that Thunder Predator decided to sign promising players.

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During this year's inaugural DPC season, the new Thunder Predator roster did not lose a single match. The team finished 7-0 in the league. Six of the seven games ended 2-0. At the moment, Thunder Predator plays very confidently and looks much stronger than the rest of the representatives of South America. Most likely, this team will be the champion of the regional finals.

They will then have 550 DPC points: 300 for winning the league and 250 for winning the finals. That'll be a good bonus to get a slot in The International 11. All that remains is not to fail in the second and third seasons of the DPC. Only time will tell if the Thunder Predator players will cope with that. Right now, the rooster looks like the following.

  • Christian Pakazs Savina (carry);
  • Gonzalo Darkmago Herrera (mid);
  • Oscar Oscar David Chavez (offlane);
  • Farith Matthew Puente (four);
  • Leonardo Panda Hernandez (support).

By the way, we recognized Mattew as the best player in South America during the first season of Dota Pro Circuit 2021/22.

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INF.UESPORTS has guys that not many people have heard of. Half of them are Pubers, and half have only played within their region and never went international. During the regional finals, the INF.UESPORTS lineup will be as follows.

  • Lumière (carry);
  • Ricardo Alone Sanchez (mid);
  • Rafael Sacred Yonatan (offlane);
  • Miguel Angel Michael Choque Gomez (four);
  • Christian Accel Cruz (support).

During the first season, DPC INF.UESPORTS had five wins and two losses against Thunder Predator (0-2) and Hokori (0-2). Both matches were single-elimination, although the second team is considered an outsider.

INF.UESPORTS is unreliable and unstable, and one doesn't want to bet on its victory. At the same time, it is not weak because they have beaten other opponents. However, it is an impossible task for INF.UESPORTS to defeat Thunder Predator. This team will claim second place in the regional finals maximum.

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A few years ago, beastcoast was considered the best team in South America, and it was very well deserved. At that time, the team made a great performance at The International, after which they showed good results in international tournaments. Even in other regions, it was considered that beastcoast was a dangerous team. Its carry K1 with his famous Wraith King became a living legend. The whole world admired it. Unfortunately, in a few years, everything has changed. However, the roster has remained almost the same. At the moment, the roster of beastcoast looks like this.

  • Hector K1 Rodriguez (carry);
  • Jean Pierre Chris Luck Gonzales (mid);
  • Adrian Cespedes Wisper Dobles (offlane);
  • Elvis De la Cruz Scofield Peña (four);
  • Teven StingeR Vargas (support).

K1 still plays the carry position in beastcoast, but it has not been a decent team for a long time. During the first DPC season, the team lost to INF.UESPORTS, Thunder Predator and even SG eSports dropped out of the first division. Now the beastcoast plays very weakly when compared to the world's grandees, but for South America, it is not so bad. This team can go anywhere from second to fourth place in the regional finals, but certainly not the first one. The beastcoast will have to do the impossible for that.

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King Of Kings

Even among the Dota 2 fans, few know about a Brazilian team called King Of Kings. It is played by the real "Olds", who took under the patronage of a couple of high ranked Pubers. The King Of Kings lineup is as follows.

  • Benny Benny Cervantes (carry);
  • Pedro mini-` Rezende (mid);
  • Diego Sexyfat Barini (offlane);
  • Giovanni Jupiter Ramos (four);
  • Soares De Nuages Oliveira (support).

During the first season, DPC King Of Kings lost to all their direct competitors: Thunder Predator (0:2), INF.UESPORTS (1:2) and beastcoast (1:2). Even so, it's hard to imagine that this team will be able to win the regional final. The best result will be to take second place, and the most likely outcome is last place.

Who Is The Key Favorite?

Considering all of the information above, we can assume that Thunder Predator is the most likely champion of the regional finals. The remaining three teams will be tied for second, third, and fourth place. King Of Kings is the least likely to finish in the top three. However, it's worth noting again that nothing is predetermined when we talk about South America.

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