Android has won the war

Joseph Waring

Android has won the war

December 18, 2012

Google's Android has clearly won the platform war and Google is positioned to conquer the world.

More than 70% of all new smartphones are powered by Android. Google shipped 121 million Android units in Q3 – an 18% increase. In the UK nearly 47% of smartphone run on Android.

Tomi Ahonen, a consultant and blogger, says Android is selling so much more than any other open or closed platform in the world.

"Far more than Xbox or Wii gaming consoles," he states in a recent blog.

"Way more than other smartphone platforms like Blackberry or the iPhone – even if you toss in all iPods and iPads into the mix. Even more than all Windows-based devices sold from desktops to laptops to smartphones to tablets."

In an extremely long and detailed post, Ahonen explains why Android owns the future and how Microsoft (Ballmer) and Nokia (Elop) threw it away.

He says "the Platform of the Century" will power cameras, credit cards, cellphones, computers, consoles, clocks – and collect consumer insights on our consumption.

He predicts the platform that will be in our cars, in our clothes and eventually embedded within humans – "all that will be owned and controlled by Google, as an evolution of what we now know as the smartphone platform, Android."

Ahonen calls on tech companies to make sure they do Android apps because, outside of the advertising sector, "the digital world now starts – and often ends – at Android. Google is the new epicenter of the digital convergence space. Windows is dead (Nokia also is dead). Android is the new King of Digital. Congratulations Google."


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