Big data can tell if you want to quit

13 Jan 2015

Wary employees currently analyzing data for their companies are questioning whether the widespread adoption of big data technology will put some of them out of a job well they may be concerned, but probably for the wrong reasons.

Bloomberg reports that similar technology used by telcos to determine if customers are about to churn may be used to determine when employees are about to quit and allow HR to intervene in order to keep valuable staff.

VMware has been testing a new prediction technology from Workday that looks for trends within employee activity, when promotions were last handed out, regional factors, changes in the industry and other data to make its predictions.

Of course, the same predictive technology could be used to help uncover unhappy employees that the company may not wish to keep. They might be singled out for ‘special’ treatment or be ignored altogether.

No doubt clever staff may eventually work out what behavior triggers the attention of the software, and subsequently management, and try to bluff their way to a pay rise or promotion. However, they would want to be pretty sure of their worth in case their employer already has them in the ‘special’ category.

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