The cloud demystified: it's like the power company

15 May 2012

Four (4) things I learned from the morning keynotes of the Broadband IP&TV Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur Tuesday:

1. The cloud is a lot like the electric company


So says Kingsley Wood, business development manager for Amazon Web Services APAC, who outlined Amazon’s cloud business model (i.e. elastic capacity, fast time to market, zero capex, pay as you go, focus on your core business and leave the “undifferentiated heavy lifting” to us) and said the best way to understand it is to think of AWS as a utility company, and IT services the same thing as electricity of natural gas.


2. Internet content: think local, build regional


So says Sajith Sivanandan, country head for Google Malaysia, who said that until recently, Asian ISPs made the mistake of focusing too much on local content for local markets when they really should have been developing local content for regional markets.


3. Hetnets are the future


So says PacketOne chief Michael Lai, who is already combining Wimax, Wi-Fi and fiber, and will soon be adding TD-LTE to the mix, so he ought to know. Lai also stressed the importance of network providers owning the customer relationship in an era where devices and apps are competing for that relationship. “Who owns the customer? Whoever engages the customer the most,” he said.


4. The mobile internet is going to be big in Asia


So says Tommaso del Re, head of mobile and business development for Yahoo India and Southeast Asia, who highlighted Yahoo’s strengths in SEA and the subcontinent (i.e. mail, IM, news and – in India – cricket) and its subsequent fondness for cellco partnerships. 

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John C. Tanner


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