Google glasses: sexy in more ways than one

08 Jul 2012

As you know, Google has plans to take the augmented reality segment to new levels via Project Glass, its plan to develop glasses that serve as an interactive AR display.

Inevitably, adult content service providers are very interested in such a thing, see some serious possibilities for the technology.

Pink Visual, for example, is already dreaming up potential applications, such as POV-style content (POV meaning “point of view”, and I’ll let you work out for yourself what that means). Meanwhile, alternative app store MiKandi is looking beyond the obvious to things like enhanced dating apps, reports PC Magazine:

"A wearable computer such as Glass can provide a wealth of useful information and interaction during a date. For instance, when looking at a wine list, it might find an old tweet from your partner praising a particular wine," the spokesman said in an email.

Or, presumably, you could watch adult content whilst on a date. Which wouldn’t be classy. But doable.

In any case, it will be awhile before adult apps make their way to Google Glass. The glasses have to come first, and they won’t be commercially ready until at least 2014. Apps developers won’t even get a chance to get hold of a pair for experimentation/development purposes until early next year.

FUN FACT: Mobile adult subscription revenues are expected to generate $1 billion in revenues by 2015, fuelled by smartphone and tablet growth, according to Juniper Research.

NOTE: Google took pre-orders for its glasses at its I/O event a couple of weeks ago. Price: $1,500.

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