iPhone 5 spurs logistics revamp for CSL

24 Sep 2012

Following up on my previous post about CSL’s iPhone 5 launch on Friday –

Here's one interesting aspect I thought was worth a separate post: CSL’s preparations for the iPhone 5 launch included a complete revamp of its logistics and supply chain.

CSL chief marketing officer Mark Liversidge explains:

"We reviewed our entire logistics supply chain from receipt of goods in our distribution center through to distribution and dispersal of the devices across the retail store footprint. And also we built a new courier service and a new redemption center. That’s allowed us to expand our daily sales rate through One2Free and 1O1O.

"We then built a specific online ordering system that feeds everyone into a single queue for queue ticketing, and then there’s a tracking system so we can track where customers are in the queue and when they’re likely to get their device, and we can see all the specifics of things like where they requested their device to be delivered to.

"The result is that everyone has visibility on where they stand, so it’s not the mystery it’s been for operators around the world during any major launch."

Liversidge adds that while the system was built this and deployed it in anticipation of the iPhone 5, “we fully expect to use it again in the immediate future with the next Samsung devices, which are starting to build almost equal interest in the Hong Kong market.”

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