Mobiles to melt your mind

28 Feb 2011

The perennial doomsters warning against mobile phone usage and links to brain damage have raised their ugly heads (no pun intended), once again.

This time it is no less than the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which has found that 50 minutes of mobile phone use was associated with increased “brain glucose metabolism” – a marker of brain activity – in the region closest to the phone antenna.

Presumably, the tests did not involve the iPhone 4. Considering the controversy over its weak antenna it must now sit squarely in the safe phone class.

Coming back to the main point, since the advent of mobile phones we have had continuous claim and counter-claim about the dangers, particularly to the brain.

Numerous studies of the association between mobile phone use and prevalence of brain tumors have been inconsistent and remain largely unresolved.

For a start, who in their right mind would want to talk on a mobile phone for 50 minutes? Anybody that has spoken for even 10 minutes will know that their ears get hot, so something must be happening.

Now it seems that exposure to radiofrequency-modulated electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) of mobile phones generates a 7% increase in brain metabolism close to the antenna of a commercial mobile phone during transmission, compared to when the phone is off.

The report states that, “furthermore, it is known that sensory input (e.g. hearing) does elevate brain metabolism although the asymmetric nature of the finding does suggest that this is not the case here.” Whatever does that mean?

Most importantly in ends with the statement that “it is important to fully appreciate that no health risk is identified in this paper.” So what is it all about?

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