MWC: Robots, cloud cars and kung fu convergence

05 Mar 2012

And now, for your pleasure, random bonus scenes from last week’s Mobile World Congress.

Robots at rock concerts

Part of Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt’s future vision – the one where the world evolves from a divide of haves and have-nots to a connected hierarchy of ultra-connected, connected contributors and the aspiring majority – includes robot avatars.

“One day you’ll use a robot to attend separate events simultaneously,” he said. “You could be here in Barcelona while your robot attends a rock concert.”

That’s if you’re part of the ultra-connected, of course. If you’re part of the connected contributors, you’ll only be using holopresence to attend concerts. Or to “stand in the Congo during a lunar eclipse”.

Cars on the cloud

Ford Motor Co made its first appearance at MWC this year – ostensibly to launch a new car (the B-Max) and its Sync service for the European market. But it also showcased its Ford Evos concept car, first introduced last year, which among other things serves to illustrate the possibilities of applying cloud apps to the cloud.

“For example, when you leave home, the Evos will shut off the power in your home,, close the garage door, know the road conditions, and find a parking space with a charging unit,” said Ford CTO Paul Mascarenas. “If you’re suck in traffic, it can take over the stop-and-go driving for you.”

Bruce Lee: kung fu legend, convergence poster child

Martial arts legend Bruce Lee made two separate appearances during the Day 4 morning keynotes, courtesy of two speakers who coincidentally managed to name-drop him.

Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, quoted Lee in his keynote, saying that “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

Later in the same session, Shi Lirong, president and CEO of ZTE, went one better with a slide featuring pictures of Lee and these closing remarks: “There are different forms of kung fu … Bruce Lee was able to converge several different forms into his own style, and today he gets respect. In mobile, who manages multiple technology convergence will be the master of kung fu in telecom.”

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