Nothing simple about buying backend systems

15 Aug 2014

As featured on the BillingViews blog

Buying big business systems, particularly for the back-office , has never been easy but are we making it a lot harder than it needs to be?

When decision-makers in service providers and enterprises are confronted with a bewildering choice of options for their IT or back-office operations they often turn to research firms like Gartner and pay handsomely for information that they believe has been accurately researched and disseminated for their consumption by experts.

Others turn to industry bodies that, for a fee, will check over software to ensure that it complies with whatever standards or processes it has developed. And that’s great if the buyer has an operation that also conforms to those same guidelines, otherwise a mismatch might occur.

A third option is to hire a team of experts to thoroughly analyse the requirements of the business and produce a definitive list to be sent to selected prospective vendors and even complete the vetting process themselves. That’s all well and good but it can take a long time, use up a lot of resource and cost a lot of money just to get the closest match.

Then there is the option of going to conferences and exhibitions and taking a look at what’s on offer and producing a short list of vendors from those whose wares are attractive or promising, or simply those that have the best hospitality and ‘benefits.’

Sometimes the easiest and simplest decision is to stick with an existing vendor and upgrade, go with a big name vendor with a sound reputation or give up completely and outsource the whole shebang to someone else.

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